The use of parking locks

Principle of use When the vehicle is about to reach the parking space, the owner uses the parking lock so that the parking lock is lowered to the lowest position. The vehicle can enter the vehicle. After the vehicle enters the parking space, the owner can lift the parking lock and lock it with the

Paving floors in the summer these wrong you do not comm…

What did you want to do after you bought a room? Photographed Twitter? Wrong, is the decoration! The sooner you finish the renovation, you will be able to move in as soon as possible. Therefore, many homeowners regardless of seasons, bought a house immediately renovated. If you happen to be in sum

A stronger material than metal is paper

Researchers at the University of Maryland wanted to find stronger materials to replace metals, but the answer was not about carbon fibers nor graphene, but paper. Scientists have been trying to find a material with both strength and toughness. However, it see

Fast-pass swing gate closure abnormal

The swing gate is also known as the speed-through gate. When the speed-switching swing gate is used, the abnormal closing of the gate should be dealt with as soon as possible. Gate closed abnormally. Under normal circumstances, when the swing gate receives a closed signal, 1. Close the signal. Th

Grasping the new normal to promote the transformation a…

On July 9, 2015, the second executive director (expansion) meeting of the 5th China Iron and Steel Industry Association was held in Beijing. Zhang Guangning, president of China Iron and Steel Association, comprehensively analyzed the operation of China's steel industry in

What should I do if the bamboo floor is cracked?

1, the raw materials of bamboo flooring must be more than 5 years of bamboo; 2, the bamboo floor surface layer has the texture of the ground and the knot; 3, the texture of the bamboo floor surface layer should be obvious and clear, which is the characteristics of old bamboo

Wall tile acceptance standard wall tile how to check ac…

Tiles are the outermost materials on the ground in the home environment. Colors and styles are very important. If the family has tiles or tiles on the floor, it must be checked and accepted. Tile inspection is to check the quality of the entire project. The key, what are the acceptance criteria fo