Discussion on the Method of Measuring Modulus of Molecu…

Discussion on the Method of Measuring the Young's Modulus of Polymers and Metal Films by Bubble Method YAN Xinhua, REN Fengzhang, ZHOU Genshu, XU Kewei, ZHAO Wenji (The key point of metal material strength of Xi’an Jiaotong University. The tested sample was placed in the sample holder a

How much is the height of the kitchen cabinet? The stan…

In a modern home, the cabinets are indispensable in the renovation of the kitchen, but do you know the kitchen cabinet height and the standard size of the kitchen cabinets? The following Xiaobian gives you a brief introduction: The workbench is divided into high and low grades. Generally speaking

Marina Made the World's Largest Aluminum Extruder

According to the Taihai Binhai Co., Ltd., located in the Lingang Economic Zone, the first 225MN single-action horizontal short-stroke aluminum extrusion press production line that was built by Taiyuan Heavy Industries and manufactured by Taizhong Binhai Co., Ltd. was too heavy

Thousands of reflux, my own Su pear

Thousands of reflux, my own Su pear Su Li is a modern new Chinese mahogany furniture brand born and raised on the homeland of Su Zuo furniture. Su Li has always been committed to inheriting the traditional furniture crafts of Su, and carrying forward the traditional culture a

Latex paint cracking, don't worry, Xiaobian teach y…

I believe many owners have such an annoyance that home latex paint cracked! Why is this? There are many reasons for the cracking of latex paint. For example, the original wall treatment before brushing is not clean, and there is a reason for the brushing process. Of course, many new house walls ar

What brand of tile cost-effective 2016 top ten tile bra…

Although the floor tiles are stepped on the feet, many people may feel that nothing is harmless, in fact, the style, quality of the floor tiles in the home renovation actually plays a decisive role, so that you can say that understanding the top ten brands of tiles is superfluous What? Today, Xiao

Prevention technology of cucumber cold damage

Cucumbers can be cold and can cause a variety of symptoms. Seedlings are damaged, cotyledons are pale, and a large number of dead seedlings. The leaves are damaged, the leaves are dehydrated and turn yellow and white, the leaves are kept green at the beginning, the uninjured parts of the leaves can