The domestic machinery casting industry will enter the …

Abstract According to relevant media reports, China's machinery foundry industry has experienced ten years of gold development. Now, under the situation of macroeconomic slowdown, it has gradually entered a transition period, and even ushered in a "cold down" period that has nev

Stimulating economic policy to gradually change to neut…

Abstract At the 2009 China Finance and Economics Conference held on January 22nd, Yin Zhongqing, deputy director of the NPC Financial and Economic Committee, suggested that the state's policy of stimulating the economy can be transformed into a neutral policy of risk control based on the

How to avoid the corn growing season

     Disaster relief. Corn is affected by locusts during germination and emergence, which is likely to cause soil compaction, lower ground temperature, poor ventilation, affecting seed germination and emergence, etc. After the disaster, the soil should be loosened in time to facilitate

New field of solar cells: The "big" car can g…

Sakai Yujiro, head of business of WhiteHouse, which sells RVs, said: “In the past two years, the number of customers with solar cells (in the car) has increased rapidly, which is surprising.” As equipment for RVs, the proportion of solar cells is

EU “double-reverse” forced new living law for domes…

Abstract The EU "double-reverse" case is like a sword hanging on the head of domestic PV companies, affecting the nerves of all parties in the market. On June 6, the EU will vote on the "double anti-" case of China PV. However, according to the reporter, starting from Marc

Longevity flower breeding method

Longevity flower breeding method : Longevity flower cutting propagation : the best effect is carried out in May to June or September to October. Select a slightly mature fleshy stem, cut 5-6 cm long, insert it into the sand bed, cover it with water after watering, room temperature at 15-20 Â

Solid wood flooring can be refurbished at home

After three or five years of solid wood flooring, it will look old. Some consumers will choose to renovate the old floor considering the economy and livability. Refurbished wooden floors have reduced the amount of money, while the old floors are woody and less prone to cracking. Most important