Violet Home Textile takes you into the catwalk show

People are pursuing fashion and are paying more and more attention to the fashion sense of home life. You don't want to break away from fashion, you want to capture the trend, starting from the T-stage is the most intuitive. The major brands use prints and colors to create

Dongguan monitoring system maintenance problem

Dongguan monitoring system maintenance, maintenance ※ Notes before use 1, the host must be checked before electricity, to avoid burned parts due to poor contact. The inspection method is: A. Shake the host to check whether there is loose inside; B. Check whether the card is skewed and has poo

Tao Enterprise Joins Hands with University to Invent Ne…

A famous ceramic sanitary ware company in Foshan City jointly developed a new environmental appraisal technology. This technology not only has a more comprehensive and accurate role in appraisal, but also has the effect of reducing pollution, so it is also felt Very curious. However, the n

Bathroom hardware companies overseas market Nuggets

Trade proliferation and economic development, these changes not only benefit the evolving economic system in Middle East countries, but also bring new business opportunities for Chinese companies. Many local brands are in the process of growing up, and they need to have the brains and powe

Analysis of heat treatment in fastener production proce…

Heat treatment is the key process for the production of high-strength fasteners. For the first time, China introduced the decarburization requirements into the quality requirements of fasteners. At that time, few standard requirements were met. After years of efforts, gas-protection heat treatme

Anti-corruption refractories characteristics analysis

Development of supporting refractories According to the different industrial and mining conditions of the clinker rotary kiln working area, different types of anti-corruption refractories are targetedly configured, and the basic matching problem of the lining life of each working belt is consider

How many types of plant growth regulators are present?

Plant growth regulators have been developed in recent years, and there are many varieties. The various plant growth regulators on the market make us dazzled. Today, the pesticide network is simple and simple to classify plant growth regulators: It has been found that substanc