Water-based thermal insulation coatings have significant energy saving and environmental protection effects

Abstract: In the domestic few years, the development of the industrial level has improved. With the development of the economy and the advancement of science and technology, the requirements of the energy-saving industry have increased, and supporting energy-saving materials have emerged.

In the past few years in China, the development of the industrial level has improved. With the development of the economy and the advancement of science and technology, the requirements of the energy-saving industry have increased, and supporting energy-saving materials have emerged. After years of research and experiment, the water-based high-temperature insulation coating is exclusively developed and produced by Beijing Zhisheng Weihua Chemical Co., Ltd. The coating is water-based and environmentally friendly, and the inorganic material slurry does not contain organic components. The water-washing thermal insulation coating is made of nano ceramic hollow particles, silicon-aluminum fiber, high-temperature solution of Zhisheng Weihua and various heat-reflecting materials. After the coating is completely dried, the thermal conductivity is only 0.03W/m·K, and the temperature resistance can reach 1800°C.

The water-based heat insulation coating can effectively suppress and shield the radiation heat and heat transmission of infrared rays. The heat insulation inhibition efficiency can reach about 90%, the energy saving rate can reach 90%, and the heat radiation and heat conduction loss of high temperature objects can be suppressed. It can effectively keep cold for low temperature objects and can suppress the loss of cooling caused by ambient radiant heat, which can prevent condensation from occurring. Applying 8mm ZS-1 high temperature thermal insulation coating to the surface of the object at 1100 °C can reduce the surface temperature to within 100 °C. This type of coating can be widely used in high temperature steam pipelines, high temperature furnaces, petroleum cracking equipment, engine parts, metallurgical industry, metal high temperature equipment protection and energy conservation. Spraying on the outer surface of high-temperature pipes, equipment and containers can effectively suppress the loss of heat radiation and heat. After testing: only 6mm thick ZS-1 high temperature insulation coating can be used to reduce heat loss on the outer surface of industrial furnace. More than 30%, the inner wall of the kiln will be smoother than the surface of any material and the flame infrared reflection function will reduce the heat absorption of the furnace wall and make the flame temperature of the furnace rise. The Zhisheng Weihua brand high temperature thermal insulation coating of Dongtieying in Fengtai District, which is 10mm thick, is coated at a temperature of 30°C. The temperature in the 24-hour cabinet is not lower than 0°C. In addition, the high-temperature thermal insulation coating has zero chloride ion content, and can prevent the entry of wet chloride in the air or process, and contact the metal surface without causing the weld of the metal welding to be brittle.

The sustained economic development of a country, the continuous improvement of the energy-saving industry, and the continuous application of new materials will lead to improved efficiency and improved environment. The energy-saving and environmental protection industry is deeply integrated with electronic information technology, new material technology, bio-engineering technology and high-end equipment manufacturing industry. The integrated application serves the traditional industry, and the upgrading and replacement are fast and professional. The energy conservation and environmental protection standards are continuously improved, and the policy is further promoted. Strict, policy changes further promote the emergence of new technologies and solutions.  

U-Clevis / U-shackle for Overhead Line Fitting-Power Line Hardware

Features: clevis shackle are made for installation in holes augered by power drillers.  A retainer on the bottom holds the nut from the forged eye rod (sold separately) Application: A hole to the size listed on the table for the anchors is augered to a depth based on the rod length.  The hole is undercut so the anchor is at a right angle to the guy.  A rod trench is cut with a trenching tool or drilled with a small power auger to the guy angle.  The width of the trench should be just sufficient to accommodate the rod.  The rod is secured to the cross plate anchor and placed in the excavated hole and trench.  The hole is then refilled and tamped.

Hot-dip Galvanized U Shackle/U Type Shackle Clevis are malleabe iron or casting steel, these cotter pins are stainless, the other parts are hot-dip galvanized. 
They are used to connect insulator and electric power fittings on ultra high voltage transmission line.
U Type Shackle

U Shackle

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