Fruit spray and anti-mixing agent details

The Chinese Pesticide Network Xiaobian share for everyone, the common use of pesticides and pesticides on fruit trees is contraindicated. Let the fruit farmers know more about the management of fruit trees and pests.
1) The varieties of pesticides often used in fruit trees are:
There are several kinds of pesticides for treating diseases: Bordeaux mixture, carbendazim, ethylphosphorus aluminum, chlorhexidine, thiophanate, and zinc, etc. These pesticides have the effect of inhibiting or killing various pathogens.
The pesticides used to control pests are as follows: acesulfame, deltamethrin, chlorpyrifos, omethoate, chlorpyrifos, phoxim, ketone and the like.
2) Pesticide for pests and diseases and suitable for fruit trees: stone sulfur mixture.
3) The following are several pesticides that are prohibited from mixing:
It is best not to mix Bordeaux and stone sulphur. These two pesticides must have a time interval when they are used successively. It is necessary to spray the Bordeaux mixture until 20-25 days after using the stone sulfur mixture first. If the Bordeaux mixture is sprayed first, it needs 25-30. It is only after the day that the stone sulphur mixture can be sprayed, otherwise it will cause unnecessary damage.
Bordeaux mixture and stone sulphur mixture can not be mixed with most other pesticides, such as phoxim, trithiaphos, thiamine, dichlorvos, ketone, carbaryl.
Microbial insecticides should not be mixed with microbial fungicides. Once mixed, the microorganisms in the pesticides will be killed and the efficacy will be greatly lost.
Oil emulsions and soaps can not be mixed with many insecticides and fungicides . If mixed, the drug may be decomposed or precipitated, and the efficacy will be reduced.

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