Imported bearing-crankshaft disassembly process and device

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Imported bearing-crankshaft disassembly process and device

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Unpacking process:
1. Crankshaft pulley 2. Timing belt bottom plate 3. Oil sump 4. Flywheel 5. Bearing cap and bearing bush 6. Crankshaft 7. Bearing pad 8. Cylinder Note: The installation process is reversed.
1. The crankshaft pulley uses a gear splitter.
Crankshaft front nut, 36mm hexagon 2. Crankshaft bearing cover before differentiation; view crankshaft end play.
The specification is 0. 10; the limit is 0. 30
3. Unscrew the crankshaft bearing cap bolts in order.
4. Precautions for removing the bearing from the steel wire for the thrust bearing:
1. Crankshaft bearings should align the notch of the bearing with the notch of the bearing housing.
The upper bearing of the crankshaft has oil holes and oil grooves. The lower bearing does not.
The selection of the upper and lower bearings of the crankshaft refers to the detection of the primary parts.
The two thrust bearing devices are between the third bearings; the notches face outward.
2. When crankshaft assembly crankshaft, the crankshaft gear end should be oriented toward the initiator.
Before the crankshaft of the device; apply ample oil film to the crankshaft journal and crankshaft bearing.
3. Before the flywheel device flywheel device, the T mark should be aligned with the mark on the initiator.
Tighten the flywheel bolts according to the regular torque, the torque is: 120N0é¹ 4. The replacement of the crankshaft guide bearing uses the guide bearing to disassemble the thing and the sliding hammer to remove the crankshaft guide bearing.
Guide bearing device

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