Dawn hydraulic oil filter risk

Although Dawn hydraulic oil filter is a good hydraulic oil filter device, there is still a certain risk of use in use. Everything has the characteristics of two sides, both positive and negative. Let's take a look at the disadvantages of the Dawn hydraulic oil filter.

1) Contaminants often cause the valve and pressure damping holes to be blocked when they are blocked, causing the pressure and speed of the system to change from time to time, affecting the working function or malfunction of the hydraulic system.

2) Accelerate the behavior of the hydraulic pump, motor, valve group and other components to increase the wear and tear, resulting in the increase of internal leakage, resulting in reduced efficiency of the hydraulic system and shortened component life.

3) The water mixed into the hydraulic oil erodes the metal and accelerates the deterioration of the hydraulic oil.

4) If the oil filter is seriously obstructed, the suction of the hydraulic pump will be insufficient, so that the wear of the behavioral seal will be accelerated, thereby reducing the working function of the hydraulic system; if the oil or oil filter is blocked, the oil will be filtered. The device is missing, allowing contaminants to enter the hydraulic system.

5) The dirt enters the gap of the slide valve, which may cause the slide valve to get stuck, resulting in the actuator malfunction or other malfunction.

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