How to identify high quality aluminum ceiling materials

It is common for consumers who are not familiar with the market of aluminum ceilings that the thicker the plate is, the thicker the keel is, and the stronger the hardness, the better.

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In such a situation, the pursuit of thickness and hardness in one-sided factories such as hand-workshops is only to meet the needs of these people. In particular, a layer of material was sprayed on the surface treatment, such as the use of some iron or lead alloys, lead alloys, etc. The price of this type of product is very low, but it can always meet the consumer's pursuit of thickness and hardness. However, it is very easy to oxidize. In terms of health, such products often have excessive metal components, so they have greater radiation and damage to the cells of the human body and seriously endanger the health of the human body. Here, we solemnly remind consumers that health is paramount, and that you and your family must use safe brand ceilings.

So what kind of smallpox is high quality and high security?

The best aluminum ceilings on the market today are made of aluminum alloy. On the basis of selecting high-quality aluminum materials, comprehensive environmental protection and other related factors, the proportion of alloys is strictly controlled according to the standard "deformation of aluminum and aluminum alloy chemical composition GB/T3190-1996". Material Thickness Material thickness is generally within the range of 0.4-0.6mm (thickness of more than 0.8mm required for special conditions). The span of home improvement will not be very large, and the load-carrying capacity per square meter can meet the requirements of the standard "metal suspended ceiling QB1561-92". The requirements of the item, and then meet the needs of users.

If the average consumer does not know enough about the material of the aluminum plate when purchasing the aluminum buckle plate, we recommend that you identify it by the following simplest method:

1 Visual inspection: The surface of the substrate is glossy, and there are no defects such as cracks, corrosion, ventilation holes, crimps, creases, and serious scratches, oil stains, sticking marks, imprints, pine dendrites, and metal and non-metallic indentations. , Aluminum ceiling broken, no black, gray, green and other impurities. Uniform color.

2 Feel: The surface of aluminum ceiling is delicate and smooth.

3 good elasticity, with a little force to grip, the natural tension of the panel to restore the original natural state, the base material for 90-degree cold bend does not appear bending cracks, the bending radius is not greater than half the thickness of the substrate.

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