Banana post-harvest antisepsis and fresh-keeping instructions

Anti-corrosion and preservation treatment of bananas after harvest is an indispensable measure. China Pesticide Network Xiaobian collects relevant anti-corrosion and preservation methods for your reference, as follows:
Antisepsis and fresh-keeping treatment: After the selected bananas are selected by quality, they are graded according to the size and maturity of the fruits. The size and maturity of the fruits used for storage and preservation are basically the same, and then trimming, rinsing and drug soaking are carried out.
1. Trimming: Before rinsing, use a half-moon cutter to carefully trim the incision of the banana handle and re-cut it to prevent the original incision from carrying germs and affecting the storage effect. The trimmed incision should be smooth and smooth, and should not be left with sharp corners and fiber whiskers to prevent sharp edges and stabs from invading the fiber during storage and transportation.
2, rinsing: After dressing, the banana should be immediately rinsed in 0.1 ~ 0.2% alum water or clean water, the banana will be washed, and then dried.
3. Drug soaking: The main disease of banana during storage and transportation is shaft rot. Pesticide treatment is an important measure to prevent shaft rot. The dried bananas after rinsing are soaked in a 1000-2000 times solution of methyl thiophanate or carbendazim, or with an aqueous solution of imiprazole 500 PPM for 30 seconds, and then taken out and placed in a bamboo basket for filtration. It is better to add about 1% sucrose ester to the liquid. The liquid medicine is packed in a large tank (pool), that is, it can be used immediately. The new liquid medicine is replaced once in 48 hours, and the comb which is rinsed with alum water is not soaked in the liquid medicine, and the medicine straw can be taken from the incision of the banana handle. .
The banana fruit soaked in the above liquid solution can be kept moldless for 2 to 3 weeks in the summer and not mildew in the winter for 1 to 2 months. Drug treatment should be timely, it should be handled on the same day as the day of harvest, at least 2 days at the latest. The anti-corrosion effect was most noticeable on the day.
It is understood that the Pubei County Fruit Company has a mixture of Preservative No. 1 and Preservative No. 2, which has good results. The static storage period is about 90 days, the good fruit rate is 95%, and the fruit quality is better than the original banana fruit. It is an ideal method for preserving and preserving freshness. specific methods:
1 The treatment of the banana is the same as the treatment of other drugs.
2 Preparation of liquid medicine: The pesticide manufacturer reminds everyone that it is necessary to match the concentration of the pharmaceutical liquid according to the temperature in different seasons. For example, in summer, from August to October, due to the higher temperature, there are fresh preservation No. 1 110 ml and fresh preservation No. 2 200 ml. 50 kg of clean water is prepared. In winter, the temperature is lower. Use 80 ml of fresh-keeping 1 and 140 ml of fresh-keeping 2, plus 50 kg of clean water.

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