How to choose floor paint

How to choose floor paint Floor paint is suitable for places with relatively high requirements for sanitary conditions, such as ground, floor of food factory, floor of pharmaceutical factory, floor of laboratory building, floor of equipment room, and floor requiring anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion and wear-resistance, such as underground parking. Field, factory warehouse (forklift) and so on.

In order to help the friend who uses the floor decoration protection coating to correctly choose the floor type and effectively control the construction cost, Xiaobian recommends that you should start with the following factors:

First, the mechanical performance requirements mainly in the following three aspects:

1. Wear resistance: What vehicles will the floor use when it is used?

2. Pressure resistance: How much load will the floor bear during use?

3. Impact resistance: Does the impact force cause the floor surface to peel off?

Second, the chemical performance requirements mainly consider the following two aspects:

1. Acid and alkali resistance: The type and concentration of corrosive chemicals used during use.

2. Solvent resistance: The type of solvent and contact time when used.

Third, the floor position status According to whether the floor is in the underground floor or ground floor position, to determine whether the need for moisture treatment or choose a special moisture floor?

Fourth, the base surface conditions 1. Grassroots strength: General requirements compressive strength ≥ 20Mpa

2. Flatness: Does it need to be repaired with epoxy mortar?

Fifth, the aesthetic requirements 1. Color requirements: whether the need to color the area?

2. Brightness requirements: Choose a matte or light?

3. Flatness requirements: Is there a requirement for the flatness of the floor?

Six, fire flowers and anti-static in some occasions on the floor there is this need.

VII. Cost Budget According to the budget, choose the appropriate floor type and thickness.

VIII. Safety requirements If the floor is in an oil environment or a ramp, you need to choose a non-slip floor.

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