The three major considerations for perfect study decoration

Modern people have given the study a new concept, leisure, reading, work, talks, as long as it is suitable, you can set it as you like. However, there are also many decoration points in the actual study design of the study, so that the decoration of the study can be more perfect. Below I will talk to you about the three major considerations of the decoration design study.

Three major considerations for the decoration design study 1. Clean and tidy:

Since the first function of the study is for the work and study of the owner, it is important to avoid using too many lines and repeated designs when designing the study space. In addition, as much as possible, the storage space should be set in the study room so that the user can sort the manuscripts and documents into separate items.

Three major considerations for the decoration design study 2, color:

Everyone knows that the color application of the study should be light and elegant. However, it is necessary to remind everyone here that the study should use a light and cool color system with high brightness, which can play a role in calm learning, worker mentality and maintaining a quiet working environment. In addition, the use of color in the study should not be too much, otherwise the space will appear more chaotic.

Three major considerations for the decoration design study 3, lighting:

The lighting layout of the study is directly related to the user's vision care, so the lighting in the study should be as moderate as possible, neither too glaring nor too dim. It is recommended that you provide independent desk lamps for desks and computer desks to ensure that the lights are evenly distributed and there is no stroboscopic light to avoid chronic vision damage to the user.

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