Offshore oil independently developed dynamic positioning system to achieve zero breakthrough

On August 6, China's first self-developed dynamic positioning system HDP3 was accepted by the expert group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Previously, the HDP3 system has successfully passed the inspection of China Classification Society. China has achieved zero breakthrough in the field of dynamic positioning systems.

At 9:30 on the morning of August 6, "Offshore Oil 299" conducted a dynamic positioning function test. The sea trial demonstrated the main functions of the HDP3 system to the expert group and verified the reliability and accuracy of the HDP3 system positioning.

After the sea trial, experts from 21 departments including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Communications, the State Oceanic Administration and the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation 708 Research Institute conducted discussions and made comments on the extension of the project and the next industrialization.

On August 2, under the sea conditions of 6~9 wind speed and more than 1 knot, the HDP3 system realized that the average position deviation of the ship was less than 1 m, and the average yaw deviation was less than 1 degree, which was higher than the technical specifications of the development task book. China Classification Society inspection.

The National Dynamic Positioning System Development Project was initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and jointly developed by Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd., Harbin Engineering University and China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation No. 708 Research Institute.

After 4 years of research and development, on July 6, 2013, the engineering prototype began to be commissioned and tested in “Offshore Oil 299”. The HDP3 system realizes functions such as fixed point positioning, fixed point rotation, high and low speed tracking, fixed vertical, horizontal and horizontal orientation, and meets the requirements of actual engineering operations.

At present, the main brands of the domestic market dynamic positioning system are KONGSGERB and GE, and the market share is close to 100%. The dynamic positioning system has a market demand of about 2 billion yuan per year in China, and the demand for potential DP ships exceeds 200. China's self-developed dynamic positioning system HDP3 breaks foreign monopoly and adds a sword to promote the construction of a strong ocean.

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