August 13 domestic yellow phosphorus prices into the mainstream

August 13 domestic yellow phosphorus prices into the mainstream At present, the domestic yellow phosphorus downstream market is still in the off-season. Demand is insufficient. The majority of purchasers are wait-and-see operators. The production cost of yellow phosphorus companies is very obvious. Affected by the continuing low trading volume in the previous period, the pressure on the company's inventory has increased and price reduction sales have become mainstream. The market volume in Yunnan has increased slightly, and the desire for downstream purchases has increased. The main reason is that some enterprises are caused by low-cost promotions. The mainstream transaction price is between RMB 14400 and RMB 15000, and the price weakness is difficult to change in the short term; the inventory of enterprises in Guizhou continues to increase. Weakness continues to decline, and downstream buyers’ inquiries gradually increase, but actual prices are significantly lower, with mainstream transaction prices at 14500 to 14700 yuan; Sichuan transportation is still unobstructed, and downstream procurement is mostly wait-and-see, new singles are less favorable, and mainstream transaction prices are at 14600- 15,000 yuan, the company's inventory pressure increased significantly; Hubei market is stable, the transaction volume is not much reduced, the mainstream transaction prices concentrated in 16300 ~ 16500 yuan, the downstream buyers wait and see mood continues to increase.

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