How to analyze screw chiller failure in hot summer

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First, the analysis of the motor temperature of the screw chiller is too high:

Due to the low refrigerant in the internal system of the screw unit, the suction temperature is too high and the evaporation pressure is too low. The load of the motor is too high, the power supply is faulty, the motor is faulty, the suction superheat is too high. The operating condition of the screw compressor is not within the specified range of use, the supply voltage is out of range, the compressor is reported or the bearing is damaged. .

Second, the screw chiller compressor can not be loaded:

The operating condition of the screw compressor is not within the specified application range. The oil temperature is too low but the density is too high. The gambling of the capillary, oil filter, oil circuit, etc., the energy regulating solenoid valve is damaged or the work is abnormal, and the solenoid valve is damaged. System problems, energy adjustment solenoid valve base seal shaft gasket damage or use, installation error, valve adjustment, cylinder piston damage, etc. will cause damage or abnormal start of the screw chiller.

Third, the screw type chiller screw compressor can not be unloaded:

The energy adjustment solenoid valve is damaged or does not work properly. There is a problem with the solenoid valve control system. For the SRC-S system, there is a cooling screw chiller with a very energy-regulating form. The gasket under the flange cover of No. 19 is incorrectly installed. The sealing film of the cylinder piston is damaged, and the connecting rod of the piston cylinder is broken. The motor insulation is damaged, there is moisture in the motor winding, the screw chiller motor can not be started, and the protection device without the cooling capacity is required to work. In the startup phase, the compressor has full load and the exhaust pressure is too small.

Fourth, the screw chiller usually maintenance points: keep the surface of the chiller filter clean, the air around the filter circulates, clean the filter regularly, usually three times a week with compressed air to wash the filter once. Reduce the occurrence of mold "pour sweat" phenomenon. Before stopping the plastic machine, first turn off the cold water gate of the auxiliary mold, or turn off the cold water to increase the temperature of the water in the cavity, so that the mold will not produce rust. If the chiller has been used for more than half a year, or the high and low pressure engine often fails, or the cooling capacity is reduced, please arrange the technician to clean the radiator (if the chiller has a pressure gauge installed, the pressure of the high pressure gauge is higher than 300 PSI, if exceeded, The surface of the heat sink should be cleaned to keep it clean and improve the heat sink effect). If the industrial chiller is still faulty after multiple cleanings as described above, please arrange for the repairs. If the industrial chiller is out of service for a period of time, the pump pump may solidify due to the solidification of the water condensate. When the machine is turned on, the pump rotor must be loosened to prevent the pump blades from rotating, resulting in burnt fuses. (Applicable to chiller below 5) The cleaning of the chiller maintenance radiator first stops the machine, removes the filter from the front lower panel of the machine, and blows off the dust on the surface of the filter with compressed air. If the radiator is dirty, it should also be cleaned together. If there are conditions, spray the air-conditioning cleaning agent on the surface of the heat-dissipating net. After a few minutes, rinse with water and repeat until the surface of the filter is clean. 10 billion warm reminder: the cleaning agent should be used carefully, can not touch the damaged skin, do not touch the eyes, if you accidentally contact, please rinse with plenty of water, you need to go to the hospital for treatment.

5. Normal operation of the screw chiller: The unit will operate normally. The controller will monitor the oil pressure, motor current and other parameters of the system. Once any problems occur, the control system will automatically take corresponding measures to protect the unit and display the fault information. On the unit screen (see the Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for details)

The screw chiller should have a permanent record of the operating conditions of the unit at a fixed time interval during every 24 hours of operation. Just switch the ON/OFF toggle switch below the keyboard to the disconnected position. To stop the unit. In order to prevent damage, even when the unit is shut down, do not cut off the power of the unit. The fan, water pump operation cooling tower fan, cooling water pump, cold water pump are independently controlled. Before starting the machine, confirm that the power supply is normal, no anti- Phase, no phase loss. Before the pump is turned on, make sure that the valves in the pipeline are open.

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