Pay attention to electricity safety in high temperature weather

The temperature is still high and the electricity consumption is increasing. At this time, electricity safety is particularly important. Industry experts remind consumers to pay enough attention to the following situations:

Exceeding the load power will cause a short circuit

Frequent centralized use of various household appliances often leads to excessive use of electricity, resulting in increased heating of the wires, accelerated aging of the insulation layer, and easy electrical fire and personal injury. Therefore, try not to use multiple high-power appliances at the same time, especially during peak hours. For air conditioners, ovens, etc., special lines should be used. Wires can't be messed up, and multiple appliances try not to use the same socket. When opening the air conditioner, close the doors and windows to minimize unnecessary energy consumption.

Professionals recommend that the maximum load of the mobile power supply should not exceed half of its nominal maximum output power. That is to say, the nominal power of the devices plugged into the mobile power supply cannot exceed half of its nominal maximum output power. Once overloaded, even if there are spare sockets, remember not to connect the electrical equipment.

Ensure the safety of electrical equipment

In any case, it is strictly forbidden to use copper or iron wire instead of fuse. The size of the fuse must match the power consumption. The power plug and socket should be safe and reliable. If it is damaged, it cannot be used any more. The power cord connector should be wrapped with insulating cloth. To connect the household appliance to the power supply, a disconnectable switch or connector must be used. It is forbidden to insert the wires directly into the socket hole.

Do not touch live electrical appliances with wet hands

In summer, the human body is prone to sweating, the hands are often wet, do not touch the live household appliances with wet hands, or wipe the household appliances in use with a damp cloth. Power equipment must be repaired before power failure. When moving the appliance by hand, turn off the power to avoid electric shock.

Do not use the appliance with sickness

If the household appliance is found to be damaged, it should be repaired by trained professionals. Do not disassemble it yourself to prevent electric shock. If the household appliances are burnt, smoke or catch fire, the power must be disconnected immediately. Do not use water or foam fire extinguishers to extinguish the fire. For household appliances that are frequently used, keep them dry and clean. Do not wipe the surface of household appliances with corrosive or conductive liquids such as gasoline, alcohol, soapy water, and decontamination powder.

Proper use of home appliances

The household shower must be disconnected from the power supply when taking a bath, and there are reliable measures to prevent sudden charging. When using an electric iron, hair dryer, etc., people should not leave. Do not get close to or touch the live parts of any household appliance, especially the high-voltage output of the TV, to avoid electric shock.

(Zhang Liran)

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