Qi family classroom: What are the accessories for the wardrobe?

There are many kinds of wardrobe accessories, such as rotating clothes hangers, sliding mirrors, lattice racks, trousers racks, and tie ties. Wardrobe accessories can not only reflect the design inspiration of the wardrobe, but also meet the needs of customers. It is the soul of the whole wardrobe.

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1, trousers rack: stacked trousers will have creases, while the trousers trousers can make pants without leaving creases, need not less than 600mm of hanging space, so the trousers rack will usually be placed under the drawer, so more Can save space.

2, pull the board: stack up the woolen clothing code put together to find it will be very troublesome, if you use the pull board can stack the well-organized clothes, but it also has the disadvantage of less storage space, so customers should carefully choose .

3. Every successful man will have multiple ties, and the non-tie boxes line up these ties. This kind of tie box takes up less space than a drawer. You can arrange the position of the tie box at random. Your socks, shorts, scarves and other small objects have their homes.

4, push-pull mirror: closet must have a dressing mirror, the whole wardrobe design of the dressing mirror hidden in the wardrobe, you can gently pull a pull, push back the dressing mirror tightly affixed next to the cabinet, without taking up the wardrobe Inside space, a small mirror makes you radiant.

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