Firefighters should grasp four links in the fire

First, before fighting the fire

Before the start of the firefighting battle, three “knowledges” must be achieved: one is to understand the name, quantity, and characteristics of the combustibles, and to be able to make correct judgments based on the colors of the smoke, fog, and gas at any time; the second is to understand the architecture. The load-bearing structure of the object and its environmental conditions make a correct response and decisive decision on the dangerous performance that will occur at any time in the fire field; the third is to understand the route and direction of the offense and withdrawal. Only by grasping the information of the fire field in time and knowing what to know and how to know each other can we lay a solid foundation and ensure the safety of officers and men.

Second, when the fire fighting starts

When the firefighting battle is unfolded, there must be two “definitives”: First, the main direction for the development of the fire is clearly defined, the direction of smoke flow, and the intensity of heat radiation; and second, the use methods, performance, and Physical conditions. We must not blindly act recklessly. We should use the actual situation of the fire field to make a correct assessment and leave room for it.

III. When fighting a fire or retreating

In order to save the fire or retreat, three “attentions” must be observed: First, pay attention to the abnormal deformation of the walls and structures after the disaster and load bearing conditions of the water on the floor to avoid building collapse and injury; second, pay attention to the inside of the building. Power conditions, to avoid the power supply is not cut off in a timely manner, causing electric shock accidents when cleaning the fire; Third, attention to poisoning caused by toxic gases and in the collision caused by explosion and wounding.
Fourth, in the special rescue of dangerous goods leakage explosions and rescues, in the special rescue of dangerous goods spill explosions, it is necessary to achieve "one pass and two out of three matches." "One pass" means that firefighters must maintain contact with the on-site commanders. Smooth, however, in the disposal of flammable and explosive hazards, measures should be taken to prevent explosions caused by communication tools; “bills” refers to the time and contact codes for the use of breathing apparatus, and it is clear that in bad conditions, According to the sudden change of sound, light and color in the fire field, it shall promptly withdraw or evade the matter; “Three Matches” means that firefighters must wear personal protective equipment, ambulance alarms and lifelines when entering the fire. In the fire fighting and rescue operations, the officers and men at all levels must promote the spirit of brave revolutionary heroism that is not afraid of bloodshed, fears of hardships, bravery, bravery, and courage to sacrifice for the interests of the country and the people. It must also enhance self-protection awareness and adopt proper self-protection measures. To prevent unnecessary reductions in combat and resolutely complete the combat mission.

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