How to choose a cigarette machine (3)

First, obey the overall style of the kitchen

The deep extension of the concept of "living in the kitchen" has caused more and more consumers to regard the kitchen as the "heavy head" of home decoration. The range hood is an indispensable part of the kitchen, and it also becomes a display of the owner's taste. In the purchase of chips, coordination with the overall style and color of the home is the most important thing.

  Second, the cooking mode determines the function of the hood

For traditional Chinese families, the basic smoke exhaust function of the range hood is the main problem, followed by whether it is easy to wash and wash, and the level of noise. For the current white-collar class and young family, the kitchen is just to meet the needs of the occasion, so they choose more kitchen appliances from the appearance of harmony, choose a stylish cooking tool, the function is not too high. European-style hoods are more suitable for such people.
For families that are open every day, Chinese food is the mainstay, and Western food supplements,
Strong suction, beautiful and practical side suction range hood is more suitable.

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