Restricting the Bottleneck of China Ceramic Bathroom Market Development

It is understood that the preliminary results of the EU anti-dumping investigation on ceramic sanitary wares in China have come out: None of the Chinese enterprises have gained market economy status, and 1,500 Chinese ceramic sanitary ware companies have been levied up to 73% of temporary punitive tariffs, and the final results will be announced after six months.

The overall level of the domestic ceramic sanitary ware is not high. It should be said that China's ceramic sanitary ware products have strong market competitiveness in the international market, but the “Made in China” of the ceramic sanitary ware industry faces low levels of industry, high resource consumption, and high development costs. The contradictions and problems that are increasingly highlighted by the pressure on environmental protection, and the frequent anti-dumping by foreign countries, have not only weakened competitiveness, but also are facing unprecedented challenges and crises. In general, the overall level of China's ceramic sanitary industry has yet to be improved. The outstanding problems are manifested in the “four lows,” namely, low industrial concentration, low technological content, low product quality, and low level of brand ownership, which have affected and restricted China’s ceramic sanitary ware. The bottleneck of industrial competitiveness. People in the industry believe that the strategy of long-term low-cost expansion of the ceramic sanitary ware industry has been difficult to sustain. It is necessary to change the status of “winning by quantity” as soon as possible, accelerate the development of low-carbon and high-value-added products, and achieve an effective transformation of the entire industry as soon as possible.

The stability and improvement of quality are the basis for enhancing competitiveness. The “quality” mentioned here is in a broad sense. No quality growth is an extensive growth, and no quality development is an unsustainable development. Only the continuous improvement of product quality, service quality, ecology and environmental quality, and development quality will increase the competitiveness of the ceramic sanitary ware industry. Quality is the foundation of the product brand, and it is the foundation of the regional brand “Made in China”. In the period of 3.15 this year, AQSIQ announced the results of product quality convulsions. Many ceramic sanitary ware brands have “fallen horses” in this operation, and the ceramic bathroom tile products have a failure rate of 18.3%, while ceramic bathroom toilets The product failure rate reached 22%. Can such a quality level hold up the backbone of "Made in China"?

Ceramic Bathroom Relying on Resources and Energy The ceramic bathroom industry is a resource-based industry and has high dependence on resources and energy. Although the increase in volume over the years is a prominent feature of development in the ceramic sanitary ware industry, most of them are repetitive constructions with low levels. On the one hand, it lacks R&D and innovation capabilities. The R&D investment of enterprises is not high. It has been hovering at a relatively low level. Some R&D expenditures of first-line brands are relatively high, but their proportion in economic income is small, which restricts the development of ceramic sanitary ware industry. Ability to improve. On the other hand, low product quality, low added value, and low brand awareness have restricted the normal development and steady increase of the sustainable development potential of the ceramic sanitary ware industry.

The ceramic sanitary ware industry must strive to achieve the transformation from "Made in China" to "Created in China." This is not only a leap from "quantity" to "quality change" of "Made in China", but also a sign of the competitiveness of "Made in China", but also a sustainable realization of the ceramic sanitary ware industry. The goal and direction of development. With the enhancement of the competitiveness of “Made in China”, “Creation in China” will become the core and protagonist. Only by promoting “Creation in China” to a higher level and level, can we more effectively enhance the competitiveness of the “Made in China” ceramic sanitary industry. . With the continuous improvement of the competitiveness of “Made in China”, it will also inject more momentum into “Creation in China”. Therefore, the core of improving the “Made in China” competitiveness of the ceramic sanitary ware industry is to establish and develop the “China Created” model of the ceramic sanitary ware industry. This includes not only the basic enterprise scale, product quality, and low-carbon products, building a resource-conserving and environment-friendly enterprise, creating “two-high, two-self” products, but also transforming and optimizing the enterprise and products, and the development mode. The transformation and upgrading, and the promotion of comprehensive and continuous innovation.