Decoration knowledge: how to identify the authenticity of aluminum plastic pipe

In the building materials market, some businesses use the “combination pipe” as an aluminum-plastic composite pipe to deceive consumers. Should we identify the authenticity of the aluminum-plastic pipe?

Brand shop: Water pipe

First identify the pipe, really aluminum plastic pipe is wrapped in 5 layers, there is a layer of hot melt adhesive between polyethylene and aluminum pipe, two layers can not be peeled off; "combination pipe" is a three-layer structure, between aluminum and polyethylene No hot melt adhesive, easier to peel by hand.

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In addition, from the processing point of view, the real aluminum plastic pipe processing is fine, the text outside the pipe using inkjet printing, handwriting and writing on the bottom of the can, similar to the use of fire, there will be no aluminum off; fake "combination tube", The price is often very cheap, because it uses an ordinary non-high-density polyethylene material, the text outside the tube, printed using ordinary printers, writing blurred, with a fire, there will be aluminum off.

Finally, it is to pay attention to whether the test report provided by the salesperson is true. An important test item for pipe is pressure resistance. This item cannot be missed. The report must indicate “this test is only responsible for sample”. If there is a lack of these words, it can be sure that this is a fake report. There are fake products, of course, it will not be true.

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