Light pollution from energy-saving lamps can cause obesity?

[energy-saving lamps]: light pollution can cause obesity, insomnia or depression

People always like to put an energy-saving lamp on the bedside table. They don't know that this kind of lamp looks warm, but it has the disadvantage of splash screen, and its ballast will make a loud noise when used for a long time. Reading books, playing tablet computers, etc. in such an environment, and performing visual operations can cause harm to the human body. Such as decreased vision, dizziness, insomnia and so on.

The light source is too bright, not paying attention to the spectral distribution, making the indoor environment blue or reddish, which is also a light pollution. In this environment, it is easy to cause irritation to the eyes and cause emotional irritability.

Professor Randy Nelson of the Ohio State University also found that excessive exposure to light during the night may cause depression. According to British media reports, people are more likely to develop obesity in brightly lit cities. The reason is that long periods of time under the light in the night will change the metabolic law, and even if the amount of rice does not change, it will increase weight.

[eye protection lamp]: high frequency flash of light source seriously deepens myopia

The eye protection lamp is not stroboscopic, it is a high frequency flash. The light emitted by this high-frequency flash will be brighter than the light emitted by the general lamp, and it is softer and more stable, giving the person a comfortable feeling in the senses, which seems to alleviate the visual fatigue. But in fact, it will cause some harm to the students' eyes and skin.

The main selling point of the so-called eye-protection lamp is that there is no stroboscopic light, it will not flash and flash. This is compared with the fluorescent lamp. In order to avoid this feeling of flashing, the eye-protection lamp uses a high-frequency electronic rectifier to draw current. The frequency is adjusted to a few kilohertz or even tens of thousands of hertz, which means that the speed of the light flashes to a few thousand or even tens of thousands of times per second. When the speed of light flashes to tens of thousands of times per second, the reaction of the human eye can no longer keep up with this speed. At this time, there is a feeling that the light does not flash, It is stable.

[High Pressure Mercury Lamp]: Mercury in the lamp can cause death

According to the lighting industry, due to the limitations of the manufacturing process, the current lighting products will always contain a little mercury. The high-pressure mercury lamp mainly utilizes the high pressure generated when mercury is discharged, thereby obtaining high visible light luminous efficiency. Both mercury and mercury compounds can enter the body through the skin, which is very slow and can cause irreversible damage to liver and kidney function, central nervous system and autonomic nerve function.

Mercury can evaporate at normal temperature. After the broken lamp tube is broken, mercury will enter the atmosphere as a vapor. Instantly, the concentration of mercury in the surrounding air can reach 10 mg to 20 mg/m3, and once inhaled 2.5 g of mercury vapor. People die.

[Yuba]: The baby is blind after installing the lighting for two months.

When the weather turned cold and gave the child a bath, Ms. Song used to open the bathroom's Yuba. The son of more than three months would always stare at the Yuba while taking a bath. I haven’t felt anything in it. In recent days, Ms. Song first saw the little guy keep blinking, and when he went to tease the kids, he found that the child’s eyes barely reacted. Hurry and take the child to the hospital for examination. The final diagnosis is that the child's eye is macular dementia, and the cause is stimulated by strong light.

The survey results of "opening the bath to bathe, will lead to blindness of the baby" shows that 80% of netizens said that they would open a bath when they bathe their baby. What is worrying is that there are still 20% of netizens who think that Yuba is very safe and will not cause damage to the baby's eyes. Nearly 20% of netizens said that they will no longer use Yuba when they bathe their baby. More than 90% of netizens believe that they do not know which light sources in their lives are harmful to the baby's eyes and need to supplement relevant knowledge.

[LED light]: Insulation device leaks electricity and electricity at any time

The Guangzhou Municipal Administration of Industry and Commerce announced the results of the quality inspection of the energy-saving lamps and LED bulbs sold in Guangzhou. The results showed that of the 46 samples, 26 samples were judged as unsupervised by the supervisor, and the pass rate was less than 50%. .

Among them, the energy efficiency signs of 11 LEDs are not satisfactory, and the mechanical strength items of 2 products do not meet the standard requirements. The insulation resistance and dielectric strength of the two products after moisture treatment do not meet the requirements. The above non-conforming product may cause an electric shock.

In addition, the insulation resistance and dielectric strength of the seven energy-saving lamps after moisture treatment do not meet the requirements. These include Mulinsen's LED bulbs (warm white) and Shangjin's LED bulbs (energy-saving 6W). When consumers change goods, they may twist the goods and cause electric shock.

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