Precautions before starting the mechanical seal of the oil drum pump

Correct operation of the oil drum pump is of great significance to ensure the oil drum pump drum pump to ensure the normal operation of the oil drum pump mechanical seal and extend the service life of the oil pump.
Preparation and precautions before starting the oil drum pump

(1) Thoroughly check whether the mechanical seal of the oil drum pump and the attachment and pipeline installation are complete and meet the technical requirements.

(2) Before the mechanical seal of the oil drum pump is started, carry out static pressure test and check whether the mechanical seal of the oil pump has leakage. If there are more leaks, the cause should be checked and eliminated. If it is still invalid, it should be disassembled and reinstalled. General static pressure test The pressure is 2~3×l05Pa.

(3) Check whether the disc is light and even according to the direction of the pump rotation. If the disc is struggling or not moving, check whether the assembly size is wrong or the installation is reasonable.

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