Renovation of some defects existing in old rotary drum dryers

In 2001, our company had a new 2mx20m rotary drum dryer. In the process of use, the equipment malfunctions frequently, the operation rate is low, the drying effect is always unsatisfactory, and various problems have arisen, resulting in the idleness of the rotary drum dryer for many years. In 2005, the company's engineering technicians conducted technical transformation of the equipment and achieved certain results.

1Issues of problems I.1 Blocking material Rotary drum dryer is up to 20m. The inside of the cylinder is composed of small and high-graded material cones and slide cones to slow down the material flow rate and exchange it with the rising hot gas inside the cylinder to reach the drying temperature. The purpose of the stem. However, due to the small gap between the slide cone and the cylinder brick, the width of the gap is about 100 mm. When the material is too much and the moisture is too high, it will easily cause blocking, which will affect the output of the dryer.

1.2 The heat exchange is not good, the heat loss is serious When the rotary drum dryer is seriously blocked, the upper several layers of the material cone and the slide cone are all blocked, resulting in poor hot gas flow, poor heat exchange, and flue gas returning from the combustion chamber. . The heat loss is serious, and the coal consumption is high, and the material drying cost increases.

1.3 The combustion chamber is leaking more material, and the work load is larger. The bottom cone-shaped funnel design In the combustion chamber, the flue gas is directly baked into a conical funnel. As the material is dropped from the 20m high directly into the conical funnel through the material cone and the slide cone, the spattered material splashes into the combustion chamber through the edge of the cone, although the cone is greatly dried when inserting the firebrick, but only It takes just over a month for the material to grind off its protruding part. Due to too much material leaking, each shift must be diverted frequently. In severe cases, one hour will have to work together. Otherwise, the combustion chamber will be blocked, which seriously affects the operation and drying effect of the rotary drum dryer.

1.4 The failure rate of the feeding system is high. The vibration feeder accident is too frequent (mainly burns the coil, etc.) and the position is high. The maintenance is not done. Sometimes the maintenance worker removes it and causes the material to lose control. The effect is not ideal, and it is easy to plug the dryer.

2 Renovation measures 2.1 Increase the slop cone and the wall gap to remove the refractory brick in the cylinder of the drum drying equipment, which is used to increase the gap between the slide cone and the cylinder wall, and at the same time increase the angle of the material cone. And the diameter of the material hole of the slide cone, which enhances the material's falling space and prevents the blocking phenomenon. At the same time, a high-temperature paint is applied to the iron cylinder to prevent the cylinder from being oxidized by the flue gas.

2.2 Transforming the drying chamber of the dryer The hot air from the combustion chamber of the conical bucket enters the rotary drum dryer in a S-shape around the conical funnel. The ventilation area is very small, the hot bear utilization is poor, and the combustion chamber temperature is sometimes above 2OOOC. However, the water content of the material is very large, and the combustion chamber is easily burned, resulting in large coal consumption and serious heat loss. During the transformation, the conical funnel is moved to the lower part of the combustion chamber, and the flame directly burns the material and the material can all enter the dryer cylinder. It not only improves the equipment operation rate, but also enhances the heat utilization rate, and at the same time solves the leakage problem to the combustion chamber. The structure of the rotary drum dryer after the transformation is schematically shown in Figure 2.

2.3 increase waste heat collection system in the combustion chamber next to a West 800mm thick tube, reach about 12m above the dryer, the waste heat within the combustion chamber is used to collect pre-drying the upper drum dryer material. In order to enhance the thermal energy utilization and drying ability.

2.4 Improved feeding system Remove the upper electromagnetic vibration feeder of the dryer, and install a TD75B500 belt conveyor with a speed-regulating motor in the lower part of the iron storage bin. The speed adjustment belt conveyor is used to adjust the feeding amount, the feeding amount is adjustable, and the maintenance is minimal.

<br> <br> effect through the transformation, since the second half of 2005 to the end of 2006 rotary drum dryer has been operating normal, run rate of more than 95 percent, almost no fat cow failure. The entire equipment reform costs less than 50,000 yuan, while the economic benefits have greatly improved. Economic and technical indicators before and after transformation.

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