How to prevent potato underground pests

Potatoes, also known as potatoes, are loved by many people. In some places, the area of ​​potatoes is large and there are many pests in the ground. The underground pests of potatoes are mainly cockroaches, tigers and yellow ants, and they are characterized by underground activities. The underground pests of potatoes should be controlled. So how do you prevent potato pests?

Comprehensive prevention measures should be taken to control potato pests. In particular, it should be chosen to use some pesticides with low pesticide residues. It is recommended to combine agricultural control with chemical control.

Agricultural control

1. Combine the spring and autumn arable land, and manually pick up the worms. Change the spring to turn the ground for autumn and winter, and turn it as far as possible. The wintering larvae can be turned to the surface to make it air-dried, frozen or preyed by natural enemies.

2. Clean the pastures to remove weeds and sundries from the fields, fields, fields, grounds, and ditch, and take them out of the ground to reduce the number of larvae and eggs.

3. It is strictly forbidden to use unfertilized animal manure such as raw chicken manure, pig manure, raw duck manure and other organic fertilizers to prevent adult eggs from being spawned.

4, cockroaches, crickets, and golden worms can alleviate insects by trapping adults. During the adult period, the insects were trapped by light and concentrated.
Chemical control
1. Use toxic soil and granules: use 1% trichlorfon powder 3-4 kg per acre, add 10 kg of fine soil to mix well, or use 3% carbofuran granules 1.5-2 kg, etc. In the ditch, poisoning the underground pests that are harmful to the seedling stage. Or in the cultivating, the above pesticides are sprinkled on the roots of the seedlings to poison the pests.

2, irrigation root: per mus with chlorpyrifos 300 ml on water 50 kg or 40% phoxim 1500-2000 times solution, rooting at the seedling stage.

3, poison bait: use the above pesticides, mixed in fried wheat bran, corn or glutinous rice, made into poison baits, scattered in the field at night.

Aluminum Foil Roofing Sheets

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 Amuminium foil MgO roofing sheets

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Aluminum Foil Roofing Sheets

Aluminum Foil Roofing Sheets

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