Choose wooden door to pay attention to four points

Core Tip: Since most consumers know little about the ingredients, processing and installation process of wooden doors, it is difficult to choose when purchasing wooden doors. In fact, consumers pay attention to four points: quality, price, style, service, What should I pay attention to in these details?

The first is the quality. In order to make the wooden door durable and not deformed, it is necessary to select the solid wood keel which has been strictly dried (the moisture content of the wood required by Beijing area is 10%). The internal filling material structure is reasonable and conforms to the principle of mechanical stress cancellation to ensure its surroundings. Under the influence of environmental climate, the appearance deformation is within the prescribed range, and the state has three criteria for appearance indicators: advanced, intermediate and general. Good quality wooden doors should be formed by hot pressing process, solid edge banding machine mechanical sealing, sanding machine smoothing sanding to ensure its flatness, firmness and aesthetics.

Secondly, the price, because of the factors affecting the price of materials, paint, labor, processing technology, corporate profits, etc., so the price of wooden doors on the market is also very large, ranging from 800 yuan / set to 3,000 yuan / set. Because the processing technology of wooden doors is not very high, competition often only works from materials, labor, and paint. There must be a difference in quality. Therefore, the quality of wooden doors with higher prices is guaranteed.

Third, the style of the wooden door will affect the decoration effect.

Finally, the problem of wooden door service that consumers are most concerned about, because many construction processes can be carried out after the installation of the wooden door cover is completed, whether the manufacturer supplies it in time, whether the quality of the installation is qualified, the firmness, and whether the appearance of the product is satisfactory. All are issues that need to be considered, so when choosing a wooden door, we must do a good investigation of the manufacturer's comprehensive service capabilities.

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