MelKite self-cleaning ceiling self-cleaning ceiling principle knowledge

MelKite Self-Cleaning Ceiling has a number of core technical support, and is also the killer of Merkel's core brand competitiveness and high market share. The self-cleaning ceiling includes five parts: self-cleaning oil, self-cleaning scale, self-cleaning odor, self-cleaning dust, and self-cleaning bacteria. Super-hydrophobic technology, anti-oil pollution technology, photocatalyst technology, Germany Renaultite and Colin technology and other industry-leading technical support have ensured the excellent performance of Merchant products in terms of convenience, health and environmental protection. What is the cleaning principle of Merkelt's self-cleaning ceiling?

Self-cleaning oil pollution: Concentrated in the fluorosilicin series and the renolite series gussets, the micro-nano double-layered structure with the rough and compact surface of the gusset plate prevents the oil from infiltrating. And the surface with a very small coefficient of friction (0.15-0.17) is not suitable for sticky oil fouling and good resistance to oil stains;

Self-cleaning scale: chemical treatment or coating on the surface of the aluminum pinch to import the PVC surface material to make the surface dense and rough, its hydrophobic angle reaches more than 150 degrees, so that the surface of the pinch plate is optimally similar to the lotus leaf surface. Superhydrophobic effect

Self-cleaning dust: Anti-static treatment on the surface of the gusset plate, no active dust absorption; Renault series


Self-cleaning odor: DuBari intelligent ventilation system, "electronic nose" automatic detection of indoor air quality, when the air quality does not meet the standard large-displacement ventilation fans automatically open, quickly self-cleaning odor

Self-cleaning bacteria: air-conditioning heaters have anion function, effective sterilization, clean air. Negative ion generators are devices that use high-voltage ionized air to generate high-concentration negative ions. The main principle of negative ion sterilization and air purification is that the combination of negative ions and bacteria will cause the bacteria to produce structural changes or energy transfer, resulting in the death of bacteria, and eventually sink to the ground, so that the bacteria in the air will rapidly decrease, while the negative ions can interact with the air. The dust is combined with precipitation to achieve the purpose of dust removal. Ions are charged molecules produced by electrons colliding with molecules in the air, while negatively charged molecules are called negative ions. In our daily life, negative ions gradually disappear due to severe air pollution, and excessive positive ions are generated at the same time.


Living in an air with too much positive ions can cause headaches, insomnia, neurasthenia, fatigue, allergic diseases, respiratory diseases, etc. Therefore, negative ion generators also have health functions.

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Feature:  heat resistance, pretty appearance, light weight, water proof, corrosion resistance

Production standard: DIN / JIS / ASTM / MIL

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