Xiaobian teaches you how to care for children's beds

It is very important for us to choose a suitable children's bed for our children, because it is very necessary for children to have more self-adaptation and self-growth space for children to grow freely. At the same time, the children's bed also brings a good sleep to our children, which is also very important. Therefore, maintaining a children's bed is a top priority.

After many parents buy it back to the children's bed, they are doing normal dust removal maintenance. Others are nothing. Therefore, many children's beds in the family have become very worn out in a short time. Today, the small series of Suzhou Home Network teaches you how to maintain the children's beds in your home.

The first is to regularly wipe the surface of the children's bed with a soft cotton cloth, wipe off the dust, generally, if the surface of the children's bed is dirty, you can use a soft cotton cloth to take a professional cleaning agent to clean the furniture surface, and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

Then, every three months or so, the children's creation of solid wood is waxed to keep the surface of the solid wood children's bed shiny. If the surface of the children's bed is damaged, it should be timely supplemented with paint of the same color.

Then, take measures to prevent moisture in the children's bed, and put the solid wood children's bed in a dry place with no direct vision.

It is best to avoid rubbing the surface of the crib with a harder cloth to prevent the surface coating from being damaged, or to wipe with soapy water, detergent, etc., and then rinse with plenty of water.

All in all, the maintenance of the children's bed is not just about removing dust. By learning the above four points, the life of the children's bed in the home can be extended.

Finally, the Xiaobian of Suzhou Home Network recommends two children's beds for consumers who want to change or buy a children's bed:

Love children's color bed

In the color of furniture, the use of inspiring colors is used, so that children can be guided to develop in a benign direction, and the design is active and fashionable.

Shinkansen Pony World Furniture American Plate Children's Bed

Its simple, natural, fashionable, lively and bright American style has become the mainstream of the world's design, let the spirit indulge in the soft and relaxed space, the fatigue caused by the tension of learning.

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