The consumption complaint rate of furniture after the double eleven e-commerce war is high

This year's "Double 11" e-commerce war, the sales of many home brands broke through the 10 million mark in one day, and all-friend homes ranked among the top three in Tmall with a single store sales of over 100 million. The sales of 60 million yuan ranked second in the home category. However, while home e-commerce has tasted the sweetness, various problems have also been exposed.
After "Double 11", some home furnishing companies have been exposed to a higher refund rate, and individual companies have a refund rate of more than 30% in the past week. What are the embarrassing problems of online shopping homes? How can consumers avoid the various sequelae of online shopping?

Question one:
Under the low price, it is difficult to guarantee the quality. Recently, the public money lady bought a set of red apple furniture on an e-commerce platform. With her inquiry price in the red apple store nearly 1,000 yuan, thinking that the online store is a "double-drill" seller, the buyer's evaluation is good, just placed a single. “At that time, the customer service said that the order can give me a double 11 discount, I will order it. But when I received the goods, I found that the furniture and the style are the same as the store, the material and size are very different from the store, even The trademark above is not a red apple."
Ms. Qian said that she immediately contacted the seller. The seller initially refused to recognize the goods, and later contacted her, saying that the sale was a high imitation brand, and agreed to refund 1,000 yuan, asking Qian Miss to cancel the "bad review." "It costs nearly 3,000 yuan to buy this set of furniture. I still buy the cottage products. The store owner wants to use the money to improve the evaluation. I will definitely not agree." Miss Qian said.
● Comments:
Online shopping household items have been repeatedly exposed to quality problems. In the final analysis, because of the exquisite renderings of network furniture, furniture materials, workmanship, color, etc. are all "unknown." Industry analysts said that China's online shopping home market is not mature enough. At present, the relatively perfect online shopping furniture model is a combination of online and offline, but after all, the furniture e-commerce with the offline experience hall is limited, and it is unable to satisfy the consumers who need to experience the furniture themselves. How to eliminate the crisis of trust that consumers have, we need to find new solutions.
Question 2:
Who will pay for the loss of transportation?
The citizen Xiao Jing likes the rustic furniture and bought more than 20 pieces of large and small ones in the Internet, totaling more than 20,000 yuan. In order to save money, Xiao Jing, who has not saved much money, chose the logistics company with the lowest quotation, and the last half of the furniture was damaged. After finding the logistics company, the other party said that it can only pay twice the shipping fee, which is more than one thousand yuan. The store can't pay for the transportation loss.
● Comments:
The logistics service of online shopping furniture has been criticized. The freight is expensive and the transportation time is long. Once the furniture is damaged, the process of clarifying the responsibility relationship is more complicated. The physical stores often provide matching paid delivery services, and consumers can find the responsible person even if there is a problem. According to industry insiders, the packaging, transportation and loading and unloading of large-scale online shopping items are crucial. In terms of the type of furniture, the purchase of panel furniture is safer, because most of the panel furniture is packaged in flat, and then assembled after the goods arrive. Finished furniture, especially expensive wooden furniture, is difficult to package, and high-quality and reliable packaging is even more expensive than the furniture itself.
Question three:
Install your own labor "injury"
Xiao Cao, who lives in Jiangning, bought a detachable wooden bookcase online a few days ago. It was a good thing, but it took him half a day to assemble it. "Open the furniture packaging, I suddenly stupid, I saw dozens of wooden boards and a bag of screws lying in the box." Xiao Cao told reporters, "will not install, look at the fuzzy instructions, look for tools at home, Screwing the screws, tossing for three or four hours before putting the cabinet together, tired and sweaty.” Ms. Liu also encountered the same problem, she bought a simple storage cabinet on the Internet, only found after delivery, this cabinet used The screws are all hexagonal. There is no such tool in the house. In the end, I had to go to the street to find a hardware store to buy. It cost a lot of gods.
● The low price of furniture on the website is really tempting. However, problems such as the lack of installation and after-sales of such furniture often plague consumers. Another person reminded that it is best to use a third-party payment when purchasing online furniture. After the goods are properly installed and there is no problem for a few days, then confirm that the payment is safe.
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