European cabinet to join the conditions of European cabinet official website renderings

European sent cabinets because of its manufacturing advantages, brand advantages, advertising advantages, channel advantages, after-sales service advantages and so on, let more and more people choose to send cabinets to join Europe, then how can we join the EU sent cabinets? Today, Xiao Bian talked to us about the conditions for joining the European cabinets and took a look at the renderings of the European cabinets.

European sent cabinet to join - form of joining

Europa authorized the brand and provided products to the franchisees. The franchisees invested in full amount, set up franchised stores and operate, independently accounted for, and assumed responsibility for their own profits and losses. They accepted the company's management and supervision in their image and operations.

European sent cabinets to join - funding conditions

European sent to join the cabinet has a strict financial conditions as the economic basis, and the need for a bank official deposit certificate or bank statement, receipt original single subject Oh, the funding conditions are as follows:

Primary market: 6 million

Secondary market: 5 million

Third-tier market: 3 million

Fourth-level market: 1.5 million

Five markets: 800,000

Six, seven and the market: 500,000.

European sent cabinets to join - the applicant's overall strength requirements

1. The market elite of the building materials home industry.

2, the local mainstream building materials stores, mainstream home shopping mall has a good personal relationship.

3. The local mainstream building materials stores and mainstream furniture malls have the priority for shops.

4, good personal accomplishment and the ability to lead the team.

5. The applicant must personally use the agent project signed by him.

With regard to the information about the European cabinets joining , we introduced them here. I hope this article will help everyone. If you still have something you don't understand, you can leave a message to Xiaobian at the bottom. We will answer your questions as soon as possible.

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