Henan's first cross-border e-commerce O2O transaction is completed and can be bought globally and sold worldwide.

Abstract Scanning the product QR code through the handheld smart terminal, entering the ID card information and receiving address, and completing the credit card payment... April 21, in the vice governor Zhang Guangzhi, the governor of Polish Lublin province, Swamimir Sos. ..
Scan the product QR code through the handheld smart terminal, enter the ID card information and the delivery address, and complete the credit card payment... April 21, in the vice governor Zhang Guangzhi, the governor of the Polish Lublin province, Swamimir Sosnov Under the joint testimony of Ski, the first cross-border e-commerce O2O transaction in Henan Province was successfully completed.

This is the scene of the press conference of the global strategic cooperation of cross-border e-commerce in Henan Province on the morning of the 21st and the signing ceremony of the global supplier. On the same day, the Provincial Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television Bureau and the cross-border retail e-commerce platform reached a strategic cooperation. The two sides will jointly fund the establishment of the company and build a national cross-border trade e-commerce bonded exhibition center with the Central Plains Fota as a platform.

As we all know, the biggest obstacle in the development of cross-border e-commerce in China is international logistics and distribution. The price is expensive and does not say, the timeliness is often uncontrollable, the goods are subcontracted and transferred, the risk factor is increased, and the phenomenon of delay and loss of pieces is endless.

To solve this problem, the best way is to adopt the "direct mail" mode. It is understood that in this event, the hand-held intelligent terminal that successfully placed the order is behind the new IT system of Unicom Customs and National Inspection jointly created by the Provincial Press, Publication, Radio and Television Bureau and Wan Guo Wan. After establishing warehousing and logistics systems in core trading countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany, Wan Guo Wan purchases direct mail to China through its own channels. Once consumers purchase, orders, payments, and identity information can be submitted seamlessly through IT systems. Customs clearance for customs, and ultimately the rapid delivery of goods. The effective integration of information flow, logistics and capital flow through big data not only breaks the constraints of time, space and cost, but also realizes fast customs clearance and safe distribution.

“Based on the innovative business model of global trade linkage and online and offline combination, Wan Guo Wan will integrate all resources of the world and commit to building a new and efficient “Silk Road” for the Internet. Minister Zhu Xiayan, director of the Provincial Press, Publication and Radio and Television Bureau, said, "This will serve as a model for the healthy development of cross-border e-commerce in our province."

It is reported that the upcoming Wanguo Wanbu Cross-border E-commerce Bonded Exhibition Center will pay more attention to the offline user experience. Consumers can not only log in to the company's website to place orders online, but also go to the show center for on-site experience and order.

“Online and offline, what you see and gain.” Guo Wei, head of Wan Guo Wan’s purchase, said that after the offline user experience is included in the online e-commerce, overseas supply and logistics clearance system, a more comprehensive cross-border e-commerce will be formed. Logistics industry chain. "Intelligent global shopping is the development trend of e-commerce in the future. The cooperation between Henan Radio and Television and Wanguo Wanbu will help our province win the opportunity in the development of cross-border e-commerce."

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