Fake waterproof material keeps leakage rate high

Fake waterproof material keeps leakage rate high

The joint press conference on the rights protection and rights protection activities jointly held by the four major waterproof brand enterprises was held in Wuhan, Hubei. It is reported that this is the first operation in the waterproofing industry by a number of companies to jointly fight counterfeiting rights.

In the ordinary business field, the competitors are Shenzhen Zhuobao Technology Group, Guangdong Keshun Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., Guangxi Jinyu Umbrella Waterproof Decoration Co., Ltd., and Liaoning Daxie Waterproof Technology Development Co., Ltd., for the sake of common interests, in order to better Maintaining the rights and interests of consumers and purifying the market environment of China's waterproofing industry decided to join hands and jointly declare war on counterfeiting.

It is understood that the joint anti-counterfeiting of four companies is mainly to maintain the value of the brand, protect the company's name, trademarks, and products from fraudulent use and promote the healthy development of the industry. The specific targets are mainly focused on factories and sites that produce and sell counterfeit products.

In order to severely crack down on the illegal production and sales of counterfeit and shoddy products, we also encourage the masses of the people to actively support and participate in actions to defend against rights violations. In particular, we have formulated measures for counterfeiting counterfeiting rights and rewards: Those who have contributed to the reporting of counterfeiting and infringing illegal activities will follow the actual case reported by the investigation and investigation. The extent of implementation is in place and rewards are given depending on the circumstances. Report bonuses up to 500,000 yuan.

At present, in our country, building leakage has become the second largest problem that affects the construction quality in addition to the building structure. It is called “building cancer”. The leakage rate of buildings in our country has remained high. One of the most important reasons is the use of fake and shoddy waterproof materials. Construction projects built with counterfeit and shoddy waterproof materials are of poor quality and are prone to leakage, which seriously impairs the service life and safety performance of the building. "We have less than 20% of our authentic products on the Hubei market." Zou Xianhua, chairman of Zhuobao Group, said that the Hubei market is a hard-hit area for counterfeit and waterproof materials. In fact, it sold about 2 million square meters of waterproof products last year, which can be sold on the market. But more than 10 million square meters, most of them are fakes. Although counterfeit and inferior products are cheap, the production process is backward, energy saving and environmental protection do not meet the standards.

From the conference, we can understand that at present, there are more than 500 unlicensed manufacturing enterprises in more than 2,000 waterproof material manufacturers. The fake and shoddy products provided by them have flooded into construction sites. The production capacity of formal enterprises with production licenses is less than 60%. The number of SMEs that are backward in production technology, energy-saving and environmental protection, and sub-standards is relatively high, and most of them are backward production capacity. What is more, undocumented production and counterfeiting and denial of counterfeiting have formed a semi-public "base." Many certified companies are also producing "non-standard" products due to market demand.

With the country’s increasing emphasis on the building waterproofing industry, various policies for the industry have been introduced. The industry is developing from chaos to the norm. The development pattern from “not valued” to “not to be underestimated” has been established. The building waterproofing industry is at an important moment of transformation, upgrading, and restructuring. The four major waterproof companies jointly launched rights-protection actions, marking that the standardization of production of waterproof enterprises will be pushed to a new stage of development. This is a key measure for the waterproof enterprises in the process of the strategic adjustment of the market structure, which is to combine strengths, strike hard, and regulate the development of the industry, which will effectively enhance the brand image of the waterproofing enterprises. At the same time, ensure the protection of the interests of consumers, leading the healthy development of the waterproof industry.

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