Wild black and white with kitchen cabinets also play fashion style

What color cabinet does your home suit? In fact, the choice of cabinet color also reflects the character of the owner of the house. Black and white cabinets are the most common kitchen decoration styles. In this edition, we recommend in detail the designs of several black and white cabinets to learn together. It.

Xiao Bian Comments: The trend of color comes and goes, but the mix of black and white will never be obsolete. This is a classic contrasting color that can be applied to any style, from traditional to modern. Plus some powerful graphic appearance, you will like it.

Xiao Bian Comments: The most secure black and white decoration method is to inject some warm-colored elements indoors: hardwood floors and natural-looking stone tabletops. Island cabinets and racks, which are rich in color, can also add warmth to high-contrast rooms.

Editor Comments: White walls and modern chandeliers and stainless steel cookware can reflect light well. Soft ivory, the kitchen's wind direction from modern to rural. The introduction of a well-designed, modern design farm table and a well-groomed fig tree can bring life to the black and white world.

Xiao Bian Comments: If the black cabinet is very depressing, consider using glass doors and open racks instead. The white island counter tops the dark cabinetry world like a waterfall.

Xiao Bian Comments: In the white-themed kitchen, the use of black island cabinet side walls and cabinets in the color, to avoid the dull boring. Black and white can be a good display of clean minimalist style.

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