How to water the camellia?

People who regularly cultivate Camellia know that it is difficult to master the watering of the Camellia. The new flowering tea lovers do not know how to water the Camellia. The watering of the Camellia should not only pay attention to the conventional precautions, but also pay attention to the watering methods in different seasons. .

How to water the Camellia Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
The normal camellia is dry and wet. It should be dried several times. It should be drenched several times. The dryness is dry until the leaves are a little drooping. The potting soil is a little cracked. The sound of the tapping with the finger joints is crisp and clear. It is dry and good for the air. Into the roots, dry roots and wet leaves. The root health flower will be strong. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
How to water the Camellia Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Watering is the water flowing in about 10 seconds to 2 minutes after watering. Generally, the dried flowers are first watered and flowed away. After a few minutes, they must be re-polished and poured into the stream for more than 10 seconds. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
How to water the Camellia Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
It should be noted that the flowering period should not be dry, the potting soil should be a little wet, and the soil in the 4-5 days after fertilization should be wet, which is beneficial to the absorption of fertilizer. Drying time is usually when the new leaves are taken to start the buds, and there is a little dry during the rainy season and winter. However, it is noted that the winter is cold before the cold wave, and the potted soil is too dry to resist freezing. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
Grafted flowers and buds that are not full of strong and strong Camellia should be dried out, especially the Camellia which is not robust and must be dried continuously for more than 2 times. It must be poured into the air before the soil can be watered and rooted. The bud head is full and strong and then normal maintenance. If the large grafted camellia is dry quickly and the buds are full and strong, it must be constantly replenished with water instead of being dried. Otherwise, the grafted flowers may be dead. Grafting flowers and dead seedlings usually die. Because the grafted flower roots are fragile. Linyi Fertilizer Network Copyright
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