Don't ignore every bolt

Technical city uniforms, acceptance and repair of vehicles, great care â–¡ Li Jianqun vehicle repair and acceptance is encountered by every Fengzhu. At present, although most repair shop stores have some management systems, due to the lack of technical means of management methods, some manufacturers and customers often have some unpleasant things, such as vehicles being hung in the car, missing parts, being replaced by vehicles, and repairing technology is not good. Wait. To this end, the owner must choose a reputable repair factory to repair before sending repairs. When accepting and repairing vehicles, it is necessary to carefully check and accept. Specifically, the following contents are checked to check whether the left hood of the hood and the bumper are flat; whether the logo light is complete. There are no touch ups and scratches.

Check if the door switch is light. Whether the closure is tight, whether the door and window glass is lifted and lowered, and whether the front windshield has cracks.

Observe whether the rear compartment of the car is flat, whether there is any touch up and scratches; whether the taillight brake light license plate is complete and the installation is firm.

If it is a vehicle that repaints the paint, it should be checked whether the color of the paint is uniform, and whether there are any blistering and wrinkles of the paint.

Check whether the spare tire of the vehicle-mounted tool is complete; whether the audio equipment is good, whether it has been dismantled or not, and whether the clock is lost.

1. Repair inspection of the engine, including whether the components of the engine block lubrication system are clean; whether the coolant oil is sufficient, whether there is leakage or leakage, etc.; whether the engine is fixed and the attachments are secure.

Whether the fixing condition of the machine starter distributor lamp and the beer buckle is firm; whether the components are clean; whether the specific gravity of the electrolyte level of the battery meets the standard; whether the connection of the whole vehicle is correct and reliable.

Motivation Check the performance of the starter and battery; after the temperature is normal, check, whether the idle speed is even, and whether the low, medium and high speed operation is normal. Whether the transition is smooth, whether there are any abnormal noises; observe the smoker row 1 smoke color. Determine the engine combustion situation; check, each instrument refers to the situation is normal. Turn on the light switch, check the working condition of the lighting and signal light; turn on the air conditioner wiper switch, oh, it works well.

On the road test, when starting, check, the running clearance of the steering wheel, whether the free travel of the clutch is normal and whether the clutch is completely separated, whether the combination is stable and reliable; after the start, the steering shift control is not reliable. Whether there is abnormal sound or overheating; check, whether the brakes are deviated and the braking distance meets the requirements; check, the engine's power and accelerated taxiing are good; can not ignore each bolt â–¡ Wang Nan Cai Guohai Santana After the car has been level-maintained, it is difficult to start. Even if it can be started, the engine operation is extremely unstable. It seems that two cylinders are not used. However, no abnormalities were found in the spark plug high-voltage ignition coil and the distributor 0. I also found out that I did not find the petrol pump sputum. Finally, I found that there are two intake pipe bolts. Because of the replacement of the new intake and exhaust pipe mats, the repairman forgot to tighten the bolts, which caused the intake and exhaust pipes to be tightly sealed with the cylinder block, causing helium and cylinders. If the mixture is too lean, it will not meet the rich mixture required at startup, which will make starting difficult. After the start, the concentration of the mixture entering the cylinder by the leaking air is not uniform, and the concentration is light and dark, so that the starting operation is unstable. This is a malfunction caused by the repair and assembly of the sloppy. We remind maintenance personnel not to ignore every bolt. ,

Alloy steel refers to steel with high strength and good chemical stability at high temperature. It includes two types of anti oxidation steel (or high temperature resistant steel) and hot steel. Anti oxidation steel generally requires good chemical stability, but the capability is limited. High temperature strength and the corresponding oxidation resistance of heat and strong steel are required. Heat-Resistance Steel is often used in the manufacture of boiler, steam turbine, power machinery, industrial furnace and aviation, petrochemical and other industrial sectors in the work of the high temperature parts. In addition to the requirements of high temperature strength and high temperature oxidation corrosion, sufficient toughness, good shaping and welding are also required according to the different use, as well as a certain organizational stability. In addition,  some new low chromium nickel oxidation are also developed .Heat-Resistance Steel

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