Sanmenxia Aluminium Deep Processing Gold Deep Processing in Selected Cultivation Plan

Reprinted on a large-scale non-ferrous net: Recently, the General Office of the Provincial Government issued the Action Plan for the “100 Million-Year Billion-Grade Priority Industrial Cluster Cultivation Project” (hereinafter referred to as “Plan”), and identified 13 industries and industrial clusters that Henan will focus on in the future. . The deep processing of aluminum and deep processing of gold in Sanmenxia City are included in the list of development priorities of the “plan” and the list of leading industrial clusters of RMB 100 billion.

The "plan" identifies 13 industries that Henan will focus on developing in the future. Apart from six high-growth industries such as electronic information and three strategic emerging industries including bio-pharmaceuticals, energy conservation and environmental protection, and new materials, aluminum deep processing, fine steel, and deep processing of gold The four industries of green chemical industry are also the focus of industrial agglomeration in our province.

The "plan" pointed out that the aluminum deep processing industry should adhere to the integration, deepening, and differentiated development, improve the production advantages of the strip foil, accelerate the development of building profiles, industrial profiles, focus on the Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Sanmenxia and Gongyi aluminum deep processing industry Clusters will accelerate the construction of new high-end aluminum materials and deep processing projects, and by 2017, form a 100 billion-grade aluminum deep processing industry base. The gold deep-processing industry must adhere to the integration of resources, deep processing, relying on Lingbao Gold, Jinyuan Mining, gold investment and other key enterprises, accelerate the overall relocation of the Central Plains gold smelting plant, the reconstruction and expansion of gold machinery and other projects, and build the Sanmenxia Gold Industrial Park. By 2017, Sanmenxia’s 100 billion gold deep processing industrial base will be formed.

The "plan" announced the list of the 22 billion-lead industrial clusters that our province has focused on, including Luoyang, Jiaozuo, Sanmenxia Aluminum Precision Processing Industry Base and Sanmenxia Gold Deep Processing Industry Base. The industrial agglomeration areas covered by the aluminum precision deep processing industrial base include the Sanmenxia Industrial Cluster District and the Dianchi County Industrial Cluster Area. The gold deep processing industrial base mainly includes the Sanmenxia Gold Industrial Park and the Lingbao City.

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