The pressure of internal and external competition has surged: Where is the door and window enterprise road?

The fierce competition in the door and window industry has become an indisputable fact. In this industry background, large-scale mergers and acquisitions frequently appear to capture a larger market share, while small and medium-sized doors and windows companies are in a more embarrassing situation due to the gap in strength. Among them. Although the phenomenon of the development of the group has occurred from time to time, from the perspective of the effect, it is difficult to "advance" the pressure of the market. So, how can small and medium-sized doors and windows enterprises reverse the reverse?
Save money: maximize compression costs
Under the influence of multiple factors such as financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, rising raw material prices, rising labor costs, and appreciation of the renminbi, it seriously affects the survival status of enterprises. As the saying goes: "There is a green hill, and there is no fear of burning wood." Save corporate expenses and prevent “enterprise spending” from becoming “business waste”. This is not only a matter of urgency, but also a very important part of improving the competitiveness of enterprises in the long run. It is also one of the self-rescue methods commonly used by most enterprises.
Branding: Drive development with brand influence
There are quite a few SMEs in the door and window who have doubts. Is it possible to make a brand with very little money? Why is there such a question? This is because: We are “accustomed to” the big doors and windows companies to make big names in the brand, and they are very generous and spend a lot of money; we “ I am used to "the rhetoric of multinational corporations, for example, in order to shape the brand, it is better to lose a decade; we are "accustomed" with the copying brand consulting company's imitation strategy, no big innovation, can only spend big money, compare funds, seek differences . In the economic winter, “using a low-cost method to build a strong brand” is the best policy for small and medium-sized enterprises to make a living in adversity.
Input-output ratio: guaranteeing the company's advancement and retreat
Enterprise development is a continuous investment process. And investment is nothing more than an input and output problem. Paying attention to the input-output ratio is to minimize the cost, maximize the benefits, and ensure that the difficulties are overcome. Although this self-rescue method cannot ensure that “the world is alive” and cannot ensure “one profit”, it can at least assist the door and window small and medium-sized enterprises to control the development of things, at least to ensure that enterprises can move forward and retreat, and to a large extent, avoid the labor of enterprise killing. Worry and the sadness of failure, and more importantly, it can extend the time of business and increase the chances of survival.
When the market is in a downturn, small and medium-sized enterprises of doors and windows should not be sick, but should be careful to seek evidence, boldly shoot, learn to deal with the crisis and even turn crises into opportunities. In the current market, no one company's development is smooth sailing, and small and medium-sized doors and windows enterprises can only win a place if they are faced with difficulties.

Epoxy Sanding Slip Floor Product Features / Epoxy Sanding Slip Floor Edit
Rough surface, non-slip, no sand, good anti-slip function
Epoxy Sanding Slipping Floor
Epoxy sanding slip floor map
Excellent anti-corrosion, anti-mold, acid, alkali, salt corrosion, no toxic side effects
Excellent wear and impact resistance, seamless, dustproof and waterproof, easy to clean
Excellent adhesion, rich color, standard color and customer color
Epoxy Sanding Anti-Slip Floor construction technology / epoxy sanding slip floor
Original ground treatment: comprehensively grind, repair and dust the ground
Undercoat: The primer material is coated with a roller or a trowel.
Medium coating: After the primer is cured, the middle layer material is scraped and coated with a trowel after grinding and dust removal.
Sanding: Mix sand with no accumulated sand
Top coat: roll the top coat onto the middle coat

Epoxy Sanding Slipping Floor

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