Pneumatic Angle Grinder Introduction Pneumatic Angle Grinder Advantages and Usage Precautions

Pneumatic angle grinder, also known as pneumatic angle grinder, is a commonly used pneumatic handheld cutting and grinding tool. The air drive motor drives the high-speed operation of the umbrella gear to drive the high-speed operation of the grinding wheel, thereby utilizing the high-speed thin-section grinding wheel, as well as the rubber grinding wheel and the wire wheel to grind the metal, cut, remove the rust, and polish the metal. So, what are the advantages of aerodynamic angle grinders ? What are the precautions for using pneumatic angle grinders ? Let's take a look together.

Pneumatic Angle Grinder Introduction Pneumatic Angle Grinder Advantages

Pneumatic angle grinders are suitable for cutting, grinding and brushing of metal and stone. Water must not be used during work; guide plates must be used when cutting stone. For models of electronic control devices, grinding and polishing operations can also be performed if suitable machines are installed on such machines. The angle grinder has been proved through experiments and actual operation on the spot, which has the following advantages:

1, the organization is reasonable;

2, small size, light weight;

3, power;

4, flexible operation;

5, easy to carry;

What kind of industry is suitable for pneumatic angle grinders?

1. Ships, automotive industry;

2, foundry industry;

3, hardware machinery industry;

4, metal products industry;

Pneumatic angle grinder use matters needing attention

Even though an aerodynamic angle grinder has many advantages, it still needs some operation items when it is operated. For example, it is necessary to wear a mask during operation, check the working pressure, and regularly maintain or replace the blades for maintenance. Remember to add proper amount of lubricant to the machine every day.

The above introduction about the pneumatic angle grinder, the advantages of the pneumatic angle grinder, and the precautions for use are briefly introduced here. We hope to help you. For more information, please visit this website. Stay tuned.

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Heat Shrinkable Tape

I System description:

Heat Shrinkable Tape is designed to protect the weld joint of buried or exposed steel pipelines and insulated pipeline. This sleeves are manufactured from high quality cross linked polyethylene material. Hot melt adhesive provides excellent adhesion with the surface of steel pipeline, PE coating. Meanwhile it forms a continuous and firm anti-corrosive system with the surface of the pipeline.

The Polyethylene Heat shrinkable Tape needs no primer nor patch closure and reduces application time and labour costs.

â…¡ Structure

The specification of the tape consists of three layers,

Adhesive: butyl rubber based hot melt adhesive

Film backing: Radiation crosslinked polyethylene

Interleaf:Antiadhesive Film Treated with Silicone

â…¢ Features

After heating, formed corrosion protection seal

Strong backing provides outstanding waterproofing effect

High chemical resistance. resists impact, abrasion and ultraviolet light.

Excellent resistance against cathodic disbondment, dielectric breakdown.

Simple Application

â…£ Physical Properties

· Product Data Sheet Total Thickness:40mil, 50 mil,60 mil ,65 mils.

· Width:50,100,150,300,400,500,800 mm

· Length: 10 m

· Tensile Strength:35 N/cm

· Elongation:400%

· Adhesion Strength to pipe:30 N/cm

· Application temperature: -10 -60 ℃

· Temperature resistance:-50 ℃ - 80℃

· Shelf Life: 12 months

â…¤ Application

No Special skills, equipments, patch closure nor primer are needed. Its superior flexibility provides easy and reliable application for irregular configurations of fittings, bends and elbows and small diameter of straight pipes

Wrap spirally the tape over foreign matters-free and preheated surface, beginning at least 25~50mm (1~2 ) onto pipe coating. Wrap the tape with enough tension to obtain conformability and with minimum 50% of overlapping, while removing the release liner. Warm the end part of the tape and press down firmly. Using a torch, start at the edge of the tape and heat circumferentially around the coated pipe.

Finish off by heating over the entire tape vertically to ensure a uniform adhesion and by using a roller or gloved hands to remove wrinkle and air.

VI. Technical Datas


Heat Shrinkable Tape

Heat Shrinkable Tape, Shrink Wrap Tape, Heat Applied Tape

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