Lei Jun talks about entrepreneurship: flying pigs also have to cultivate 10,000 hours

As if overnight, entrepreneurship has become a common thing. Whether it is the Internet or the traditional industry is talking about entrepreneurship, Lei Jun described it as "it is very difficult to convince a person to start a business 30 years ago, because it is very difficult because He has to give up his job, give up medical insurance, and even iron rice bowls. Today, for the most part, choosing a startup company is relatively easy.” What kind of mentality should entrepreneurs maintain in this trend? What is the most important thing for them?

A few days ago, in this issue of "Pan Tanhui", Xiaomi Technology CEO Lei Jun, Vantone Holdings Chairman Feng Lun and SOHO China Chairman Pan Shiyi discussed this topic. Lei Jun described entrepreneurship as "not a human being, as a normal person absolutely not I will choose to start a business.” This is due to the choice of entrepreneurship, it is subject to tremendous pressure, difficulties, confusion, others do not understand, or others look down, in fact, the people who really can reach the peak of success are very few, most of the entrepreneurship They have become paving stones.

How can we turn into a driving force when we are under tremendous entrepreneurial pressure? In Lei Jun hr369.com seems to need the support of faith, otherwise it can not support the daily high-intensity work, "I am why I am willing to drink bowl of millet porridge, willing to continue to make revolution, the most important thing is because I want to do something. The outside world is familiar with the original intention of Lei Jun to establish Xiaomi. It is derived from the hope of establishing a domestically recognized domestic brand. In the past five years, the rapid development of Xiaomi has gradually been recognized by the market, and further promoted the progress of the domestic brand market.

On the other hand, Lei Jun pointed out that whether it is a big company or a startup company, incentives are big problems. The most important thing is to get a few people from the team. Don't set a convenience and framework for yourself. Everyone must have enthusiasm to do things together.

Today's entrepreneurial environment seems to have cultivated a more equitable fertile ground for entrepreneurs. Pan Shiyi believes that entrepreneurship now requires knowledge and wisdom. One of the inseparable things in the past is the relationship. There are resources and funds. Today's Internet-based entrepreneurship does not require a relationship, and entrepreneurship is more fair. Feng Lun believes that the biggest difference in the entrepreneurial environment lies in the changes in the legal environment of the market economy. "We first fell into the rivers and lakes, then learned business, and finally heard about electronics. But today's entrepreneurs first understand electronics, then learn business, and finally listen. Said the rivers and lakes."

When answering the question of whether college students should go to start a business, Lei Jun said that anyone who needs success in any field needs 10,000 hours of hard work. If there is no basic merit, it is really an opportunist. "So, don't ignore it. Those pigs flying in the air today did not only practice 10,000 hours, they may have practiced more than 100,000 hours," he said.

Lei Jun believes that many hard-working and hard-working people only care about pulling the car and not looking up. Sufficient time should be spent studying the vents to increase the probability of success. Lei Jun used his own example. From the time he started his business in 1989 to the present, he has been working for 25 years. He has experienced several rounds of Internet trends. "When the last wave of Internet traffic came, we had a good hand in hand and had enough resources. But I can only watch the Internet pass by us," he said.

When the project has major difficulties and faces failures, Feng Lun said that on this entrepreneurial road, Zhang Ailing’s “true love is a ghost” is a very small probability event. From A round to listing, it is about 170,000 points. First, "So don't decide whether to give up or not give up with certain success. In fact, you really have your own values, or financial ability is OK, stick to it," he said.

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