"Five look" to identify fake old furniture

Some old and collectible old furniture is the "eyes of the eye" of antique lovers. However, among these collections, there are many counterfeits. In order to prevent "eye-catching" the following five methods for identifying ancient furniture counterfeits may be a try.

1. See if the patina is natural. The general old furniture will naturally form a patina in the position that the user often touches. The patina in the new imitation is either unnatural or there is a patina in the place where the furniture is not often touched.

2. Look at the floor and drawer of the furniture. The bottom plate and the drawer plate of the old table have an old-fashioned look. One of the important points is that you have to look at the alum of old furniture. The blink of an old-fashioned furniture is square, and the tip of the hoe is locked. If you see two round eyes, it can be said that it is machined, it must be a new imitation.

3, look at the wood grain. Some furniture surfaces will have uneven wood grain, but it depends on whether these wood grain is rubbed with a wire brush.

4, look at the traces of renovation. Some of the cloth chairs are refurbished, and the original chair ring will leave a dense nail hole. This chair is old, as long as the chair is turned over, you can see these eyes.

5. Look at the sculpture. From the level of style and engraving. Old-fashioned furniture is produced in a wide range of work hours, and the craftsman's mentality is quite calm, so the old-fashioned furniture is generally finely carved, and the furniture looks round and natural. Nowadays, in the new imitation furniture, in order to reduce the cost, the processor often rushes time. This will reveal the horse's feet in the carving, especially in the Chinese furniture, it seems that the circle is not smooth enough, and the party is not strong enough.

How to distinguish high and low grade furniture

1. In terms of style, the grade of classical furniture is generally higher than that of modern furniture.

Classical furniture, mainly divided into European classical furniture and Chinese classical furniture.

European classical furniture generally refers to antique replicas of furniture and decoration that change the style, connotation and standard of everyday life in the historical period from the 17th to the 19th century. Due to its manual production, its strong cultural atmosphere has transcended the concept of 'popularity' and has become a symbol of taste. This kind of furniture is usually made of solid wood, which has both good hardness and considerable flexibility. The surface can be engraved with a delicate pattern without cracking, and the use period can be more than several decades. Representatives of European classical furniture include: Italian furniture known for its dignity and luxury; French furniture known for its graceful lines; Spanish furniture known for its romance and passion.

Chinese classical furniture mainly includes four most important design styles, namely: Chu style furniture (Zhou Dynasty to the Southern and Northern Dynasties), Song style furniture (Sui and Tang Dynasties to the Yuan Dynasty and the early Ming Dynasty), Ming style furniture (mid-Ming to early Qing Dynasty) And Qing style furniture (after the middle of the Qing Dynasty). The proportion is suitable for the human body; the Qing style furniture is relatively cumbersome, exquisitely carved, and luxurious, but not very practical. The backrest of the chair changes from a curvature to a right angle, and the thickness is huge. It is a collection and viewing.

2. From the material point of view, the following factors affect the grade of furniture products:

There are nearly 800 commercial timber species commonly used in China, which are divided into five categories according to the principle of quality and quantity of reserves and reserves. That is, one type of material, two types of materials, three types of materials, four types of materials, and five types of materials (from excellent to bad).

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Label: "Five Look" to identify fake old furniture

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