Introduction of qq eye remote monitoring software

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Introduction of qq eye remote monitoring software
Introduction of qq eye remote monitoring software
Record the previous screen of the controlled terminal, you can filter the screen of any time period, or you can filter according to the category of the screen: for example, you can filter out the screen of the chat and email.
Click on any small image to zoom in, or follow the large image browsing mode to continue viewing.
Record the record of the chat end using the chat tool, support qq, skype, Ali Wangwang and other popular chat software at home and abroad. Click on a record to see the details of the chat.
Monitor the webpages browsed by the host, and check whether the controlled terminal browses websites that are not related to work during work hours. You can also block certain URLs as needed. Click on a record to see the corresponding page.
The host is monitored and sent, and the recipient, sender, title, content, etc. are recorded. Click on a record to view the details of the message.
Make some statistics on the monitored records, including program running efficiency statistics, behavioral habit statistics, website stay statistics, search interest statistics, and historical traffic statistics.
The administrator can use this function to see the current screen of the host computer, just as clear as watching the desktop of the computer. Each time the mouse is operated, the screen changes will be vivid. In addition, managers can also choose real-time control, real-time recording and other operations.

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