What is the problem with driving a scrubber?

What are the problems with driving type washing machine cleaning? Many customers will encounter dirty cleaning when buying a driving type washing machine. This is the reason why the squeegee is not adjusted well, or the rubber strip is damaged. Xiao Bian to everyone in detail! I hope to be useful for everyone's future work!

When the driving type scrubber is in normal use, if the use environment is appropriate and the operation method is correct, the scrubber is not prone to malfunction. It turns out that the scrubber malfunction is mostly caused by human factors, and the environmental factors account for a lot Large proportion.

There is a loophole in the area of ​​the washing machine:

1. First check whether the brush plate is worn or not. If it is seriously worn, replace it when necessary and replace it with another brush plate of the same specification. When cleaning the real dirty ground, use a special brush plate. The brush plate is specially provided as needed.

The squeegee suction effect of the driving type washing machine is not good:

1. Check that the suction motor switch is turned on;

2. Check that the suction hose is properly inserted into the inlet of the recovery tank;

3. Check that the squeegee blade is clean and there is solid residue left inside;

4. Replace the damaged rubber strip and adjust the angle of the squeegee. For proper use, the squeegee should be adjusted according to the wear of the strip. During the cleaning process, the rear strip should be backwards in its length direction. bending;

5. Remove the suction units and clean them;

6. Check the adjustment of the water wheel;

Too much foam: Check for foamy cleaners. If necessary, add some low-foaming agent to the recovery tank. If there is a lot of dirt on the floor, there will be a lot of foam, and the cleaning solution should be diluted.

There is not enough water on the brush tray of the driving type scrubber:

1. Check if the pipe conveying water to the brush plate is blocked.

2. Check that the water valve is open.

3. Check the amount of water in the solution tank.

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