Shenzhen Institute of low-speed electric vehicle performance research attention

Recently, the research report and analysis of market-oriented low-speed electric vehicles in China of the research group of electric vehicles R&D center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Performance Research and Analysis of market-oriented low-speed electric vehicles in China were conducted by renewable energy sources worldwide. The Innovation Web site (Renewable Energy Global Innovations, ISSN 2291-2460) was selected as the Key Scientific Article and reported.

It is understood that the annual output of low-speed electric vehicles in China exceeds 100,000 vehicles, which is much higher than other types of new energy vehicles. However, there are problems such as poor dynamics and safety. This paper for the first time studied and analyzed the characteristics and performance of low-speed electric vehicles in China, and pointed out that although the purchase cost of lithium-ion batteries is still higher than that of lead-acid batteries, the life-cycle cost of the former is more advantageous; the use of low-cost high-performance The new type of electric motor should take into account the design of the vehicle's economical speed. In addition, the use of micro-generators to collect and rationally use vehicle-related solar energy, vibrational mechanical energy, and other forms of energy can not only increase the vehicle's driving range, but also balance the power battery list. Physical performance differences. The paper was published in the Journal of Cleaner Production (Vol. 91, pp. 305–312) in March 2015 and has important reference value for the development of new energy automotive technologies and industries.

The Renewable Energy Global Innovation website selects 10 academic papers from the world's 5,000 academic journals each week to report the latest important research progress. It is reported and recommended by the most important research institutes and industrial circles in the world. The monthly pageview is approximately 645,000.

 Changsong Wheel Excavator Feature:

1.Electrical system: with colorful LCD display, with self-test, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, human-computer interaction and good, high-profile electrical control software, higher reliability.

2.Power system: advanced turbocharged engine exhaust enough power reserves, it is possible to maximize the power of the engine to achieve the perfect match, reducing power losses.

3.Hydraulic system: imported international brands hydraulic parts, power loss, fast action, complex motor coordination, high efficiency and energy saving, reliability and long service life.

4.Walking System: use heavier type front and rear drive axle, gearbox, providing higher carrying capacity.

5.Cab: new style cab, new interior design, vision, bright and spacious, humane front gear mechanism, adjustable suspension seat with a high-grade, silicone shock absorption, superior driving environment.

6.Cooling system: parallel cooling installation, installation and removal are easy to clean; it has very high cooling efficiency.

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