Wooden floor vs tile home floor in the end shop what good?

Tiles and wood floors are two of the most important floor decoration materials for home improvement. Because of different decoration styles, people often choose floors with different materials. Some people will choose to tile, and some will choose wooden floors. Because wood floors and tiles have their own advantages, so that consumers have a question "home renovation - good wood flooring or tiles are good." The following small series will conduct a detailed comparison of the two to see if they are better or worse?

1, price comparison

First of all, from the price point of view, the difference between the price of wooden floor and ceramic tile is not as big as before, or even the same, which of course is mainly due to the emergence of reinforced composite wood flooring. Before, many wood floors were mainly wood floors. The price was very high. Expensive, but the tile is generally popular because of cheap and other reasons, but now, the emergence of reinforced wood flooring greatly reduces the price of wood floors, so people have begun to reconsider the use of wood flooring in the renovation.

2, function comparison

In terms of softness: wood flooring has excellent color and softness, and gives very good affinity; the comparison of tiles is blunt; in terms of heat preservation: the thermal insulation of wood floors has advantages; Fast, relatively poor insulation performance, especially in the winter of the entire living room will feel very cold, not comfortable, if the living room position is facing the north, the situation will be more serious.

In terms of maintenance, the cleaning procedures and maintenance of wood floors are much faster and easier. For oil stains and water marks, they cause more serious damage to the floor; almost no damage to the tiles.

3, design comparison

Tiles: Due to the complete variety, distinctive color, variety of patterns, and different specifications, the space for the designers to play is very large, and it is easier to design the effect;

Wooden floor: It is weaker than floor tiles on the surface of color, style, etc. It is not easy to come up with special effects.

4, construction process comparison

Wood floor: The construction process is constant and has a uniform technical standard. Floor tiles: Large floor tiles have higher requirements for laying and higher labor costs. Of course, the overall effect of large tiles will be better. The laying requirements and the cost of small tiles are relatively low, and the overall effect is also lower.

Floor tiles

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