The 6 features of saving money and saving water and durable faucets

From old-style cast iron to electroplated knobs to stainless steel dual-temperature dual-control, the faucet's replacement speed is accelerating. Many people will consider comprehensively materials, functions, and modeling lights when purchasing faucets. There are also many people who think about water conservation and durability. In fact, a truly good leader should be characterized by water saving, durability, humanity, cleanliness, environmental protection, and convenience.

1, water-saving

Secret weapon 1: valve core

The built-in valve core of the faucet mostly uses steel ball valve and ceramic valve. Steel ball valve has a solid steel ball, strong resistance to pressure, but the disadvantage is that the rubber ring from the sealing effect is easy to wear, will soon be aging. Ceramic valve itself has a good sealing performance, and the use of ceramic valve faucet, feel more comfortable, smooth, can achieve a high degree of resistance to open, and open and close quickly, solve the run, risk, drop Leak problem.

Secret weapon II: bubbler

On weekdays, if you pay attention to the observation, you will find that the high-end faucet is as soft and comfortable as a mist and will not splash around. The secret weapon of these faucets is the installation of a bubbler, which allows the water and air flowing through to be fully mixed, allowing the flow of water to have a foaming effect. With the addition of air, the scouring power of water is increased a lot, thereby effectively reducing Water consumption.

Secret weapon three: fully automatic

When the hand reaches under the faucet, the faucet will automatically open. When the hand is away, the faucet will automatically close. This is the automatic water-saving faucet. At present, these products are mostly used in public toilets and have the advantages of convenience and hygiene. However, not all automatic faucets have water-saving features. Some faucets are slow to respond because of poor quality. When the hand is near, the water is slow, and when the hand is left, it is slow to close, but the water drains away. Therefore, it is best to perform on-site testing when buying such faucets and strictly control them.

Secret weapon four: material

Traditional old-fashioned faucets and pipes tend to rust and pollute the water. When you get up early, you need to drain the yellow water from the pipes. Stainless steel, brass faucets and water pipes do not rust. In addition, copper faucets also have sterilizing and disinfecting functions and are health products.

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