Talking about the precautions of using explosion-proof emergency lighting

Explosion-proof emergency lighting is suitable for emergency safety evacuation and lighting in the event of a power outage in oil, chemical, military and other inflammable and explosive dangerous places and environments.


1. When the light is transported, it should be installed in the equipped carton and be equipped with foam shock absorption.

2. When installing the lamp, the lamp should be safely grounded.

3, when used, the surface of the lamp has a certain temperature rise, which is a normal phenomenon; the temperature of the center of the transparent part is relatively high and must not be touched.

4. When maintaining the lamp, you must disconnect the power first.

Explosion-proof emergency lighting

BAJ52 explosion-proof emergency lighting Scope of application:

Applicable to Zone 1 and Zone 2 hazardous locations.

Suitable for IIA, IIB, IIC explosive gas environment.

Can be equipped with incandescent lamps, mercury lamps.

When requesting Class IIC please specify BAJ52 Explosion Proof Emergency Light Product Features Cast aluminum alloy shell, sprayed on the surface. Beautiful appearance.

The emergency dedicated lights have their own independent normal lighting and emergency lighting. They are suitable for places where the installation conditions permit. For lighting emergency dual-purpose lamps, the normal lighting and emergency lighting share a single lamp body and the light source is independent.

Built-in maintenance-free Ni-Cd battery packs are automatically charged under normal power supply, and emergency lights are automatically turned on when power is cut off or power is cut off.

Pipe or cable wiring can be.

According to the user's requirements, the test button and indicator can be set to meet the requirements of GB3836-2000, IEC60079

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Shower faucet

Brand name



Brass main body and zinc alloy handle

Material analysis


Air pressure testing

0.6 Mpa

The thickness of chrome plating

Nickel>8um Chrome>0.2um

Salt spray test

24 hours

Water flow

Bath/Shower Mixer≥18L/min,

Cartridge life time

300,000 times open and close

Quality guarantee

5 Years quality guarantee


ISO9001, CE



Installation mode  



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