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Tiles are the outermost materials on the ground in the home environment. Colors and styles are very important. If the family has tiles or tiles on the floor, it must be checked and accepted. Tile inspection is to check the quality of the entire project. The key, what are the acceptance criteria for that wall tile ? The family we will take a look at the relevant introduction of the acceptance standard of the wall tile .

Acceptance criteria for wall tiles 1. Pay attention to whether tiles need to be parqueted or laid in a uniform direction.

Acceptance criteria for wall tiles 2 : The emptying phenomenon of floor tiles is controlled within 3%, empty drums on the main channel must be reworked, 3% single-fingered corners empty, and the whole block must not be empty.

Acceptance standards for wall tiles 3 , brick acceptance, to ensure that the walls of the ceramic tile is firmly bonded, and no skew, missing edge angles and cracks occur.

Acceptance standards for wall tiles 4. We must require that the joints of bricks should be densely filled and flat, and that the seams should be uniform in width and uniform in color, and the lap direction of the yin and yang corners must be correct. If it is not the entire brick, use straight lines. The dimensions of the reserved holes are correct and the edges are neat.

Acceptance standards for wall tiles. 5. The surface of wall tiles should be kept flat and clean, and the requirements for color coordination, pattern arrangement are reasonable, and there should be no discoloration, pan-alkali, and dirt marks.

Acceptance standard of wall tiles 6. The leveling of floor tiles shall be checked with a 2-meter level ruler, the error shall not exceed 0.5 mm, the height difference between adjacent tiles shall not exceed 0.5 mm, and the gap straightness shall be 3 mm. When the floor tiles are laid, other types of work shall not be polluted. Man trampled. After the tiles are finished, they will be sewn 24 hours after the completion of the floor tiles, cleaned, and cured.

Acceptance standards for wall tiles 7. Whether the gaps in the brick surface are regular and uniform, seams are even and tidy, brick seams do not exceed 1 mm, and tile errors do not exceed 0.8 cm.

Regarding the acceptance criteria for the wall tiles , I will introduce them here. I hope to help you, and more information on the decoration will be on this site. Please stay tuned.

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