Fast-pass swing gate closure abnormal

The swing gate is also known as the speed-through gate. When the speed-switching swing gate is used, the abnormal closing of the gate should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Swing gate

Gate closed abnormally. Under normal circumstances, when the swing gate receives a closed signal,

1. Close the signal. The gate moves from fast to slow, decreasing in speed and finally closing.

2. Open the signal. The gate is slow, fast, and eventually opens.

If there is a deviation in the opening and closing speed of the swing gate, it means that an abnormality has occurred in the system settings or accessories. Although the impact of this anomaly is relatively low, on the one hand, in order to take into account the experience experience, and on the other hand, it is related to the safety of personnel. The speed of the closing process is an indicator of the merits of the swing gate.

Therefore, the abnormal closing of the swing gate is also a matter of concern.

Solution: Once the abnormal phenomenon occurs in the swing gate, check the system's setting of the gate closing time. Note that the closing speed should be in accordance with the actual conditions of use. It should not be too fast or too slow, causing the swing gate to not function properly. However, the process must be based on the relevant signals.

Among them, the gate is closed abnormally or there is an abnormality in the electronically controlled motor. The motor is an internal component that directly controls the speed at which the swing gate closes, so an internal check of the speeding gate is required. Or the other parts, system interference, or the motor itself.

Conclusion: The design of the innovation-pass speed barrier is designed to be user-friendly. The closed state of the gate has a buffer setting. When there is no authorization, there will be a buffer distance to prevent the unintentional bruising of the user. The above is the solution to the problem of abnormality in closing the gate of the swing-through swing gate. More attention has been paid to the issue of the channel gate gate: Innovation and Technology.

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