Paving floors in the summer these wrong you do not commit

What did you want to do after you bought a room? Photographed Twitter? Wrong, is the decoration! The sooner you finish the renovation, you will be able to move in as soon as possible. Therefore, many homeowners regardless of seasons, bought a house immediately renovated. If you happen to be in summer decoration, then you can pay more attention when you are laying wooden floors. You must keep in mind the following mistakes.

Mistake one: floor stacking

Summer was originally a season of high and dry fires. There were many materials for decoration and tools, wooden floors were not placed in a cool place, and they were piled together with other materials. They were also placed on plugs and wire connections. Carelessness can cause materials to burn due to high temperatures, which can lead to fires.

Mistake two: do not pay attention to the environmental protection of the floor

In the summer, there is often a constant amount of rain and water. At this time, it is necessary to pay attention to the moisture content of the floor. The moisture content of the standard sheet cannot exceed 12%. In addition, formaldehyde is an unavoidable additive in the production of wood flooring. When the humidity exceeds 45% and the temperature reaches 28°C or more, the formaldehyde in the floor will exponentially be released, so the wooden floor that can smell a strong pungent smell cannot .

Decoration construction knowledge summer decoration knowledge floor installation

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