Latex paint cracking, don't worry, Xiaobian teach you how to solve

I believe many owners have such an annoyance that home latex paint cracked! Why is this? There are many reasons for the cracking of latex paint. For example, the original wall treatment before brushing is not clean, and there is a reason for the brushing process. Of course, many new house walls are new thermal insulation walls with treated insulation. When the brush is applied, it is very easy for the casual latex paint to crack. How to deal with it?

First, after the wall surface is cleaned, first apply a layer of Dacron cloth, kraft paper or newspaper on the wall surface, and use the tension of the fiber to ensure the integrity of the latex paint film. PS: This method is relatively simple and easy, but the effect is general.

Second, remove the insulation board on the surface of the wall, or remove the cement wall. Install a layer of gypsum board or “five PCT board” on the outside of the insulation layer, and then do the latex paint on it. This practice can remove all irregular cracks, cracks are generally the joints between the plates, better handling. However, this method is expensive and difficult to construct.

Third, use a decorative material with elasticity. At present, on the wall surface treatment, there is a kind of “elastic putty” that can make up for the wall crack problem to some extent. However, these materials have less "elasticity" and do not work on the cracked walls.

Fourth, some owners simply remove the wall insulation. Although this method can be used once and for all, it will reduce the insulation and thermal insulation properties of the wall, so it is not recommended.

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