Thousands of reflux, my own Su pear

Thousands of reflux, my own Su pear

Su Li is a modern new Chinese mahogany furniture brand born and raised on the homeland of Su Zuo furniture. Su Li has always been committed to inheriting the traditional furniture crafts of Su, and carrying forward the traditional culture as its own responsibility, adhering to the principles of inheritance and inheritance. Engaged in the design and production of modern new Chinese furniture. Su Li furniture from style to structure, to crafts, May 1 is not the essence of Su Zuo furniture.

Unique Chinese-style beauty, interpretation of Jiangnan Chinese style

Su Li furniture upholds the Chinese style of low-key aesthetics, pursuing the ultimate in visible and invisible details, like a meticulous life observer, with repeated feelings in the details of the furniture. On the surface, Su Li wins in the details, but in fact, the deeper spirit and philosophy, which is the imitation and plagiarism of other brands.

Brand stands on the concept and leads the young Chinese style

Since its inception, Su Li has understood his mission to solve the problem of using mahogany furniture for young people, so that mahogany furniture can truly penetrate young people's hearts and enter young people's homes.

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