Marina Made the World's Largest Aluminum Extruder

According to the Taihai Binhai Co., Ltd., located in the Lingang Economic Zone, the first 225MN single-action horizontal short-stroke aluminum extrusion press production line that was built by Taiyuan Heavy Industries and manufactured by Taizhong Binhai Co., Ltd. was too heavy. To Liaoning Zhongwang Group.

According to reports, the 225MN single-action horizontal short-stroke aluminum extruder is the world's largest single-stroke short-stroke horizontal press. It is independently designed and manufactured by Taizhong Heavy Industries and has its own independent intellectual property rights. It is mainly applied to the extrusion processing of large aluminum alloy profiles, bars and large ribbed siding plates. The maximum extrusion force is 225MN, and the maximum circumscribed circle diameter of extruded products is up to 1100mm, which is the world's advanced technology level.

The 225MN extruder line can realize large-section extrusion, on-line heat treatment, straightening, and full-length automatic production. It uses the world's most advanced online aluminum ingot hot stripping, short-stroke pre-feed, various complex large cross-section online Heat treatment, straightening and other key technologies.

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