Method for reducing error in design and production of switchgear power-on test bench

The switchgear power-on test bench integrates various AC and DC power supplies to facilitate the detection of the switchgear cabinet and greatly increase the work efficiency. An independent transformer and voltage regulator are used to boost the voltage (rising current) and avoid burning the voltage regulator.

The first component of the switchgear power-up test bench is made of domestic well-known brand products; the current, voltage, frequency, etc. for the measurement use a 0.5-level digital watch, the sensor (current, voltage transformer), etc. are 0.5S class, and the anodized wire drawing is used. Panel, wear-resistant, dirt-resistant, more beautiful. Switchgear power-on test bench is abandoning the traditional manual manual power generation mode. It adopts advanced large-scale integrated circuits and uses DC/AC conversion technology to combine three-terminal and four-terminal measurement methods into a new type of switch. Cabinet power test bench. The switchgear power-on test bench is suitable for measuring the grounding resistance of various devices and measuring the resistance value of the low-resistance conductors in the departments of electric power, post and telecommunications, railways, communications, and mines; the meter can also measure the soil resistivity and ground voltage.

The switchgear power-on test bench is a comprehensive measuring instrument for measuring and analyzing the electrical performance indicators of power transformers and on-load tap-changers of special transformers in the power system. It is controlled by a microcomputer and can realize load sharing through a precision measurement circuit designed. Connect the switch to measure the transition time, transition waveform, transition resistance, three identical parameters and other parameters. The user can directly measure the tap switch leads according to the needs and on-site conditions, and can also measure the three-phase bushing of the transformer and the direct wiring of the neutral point. The switchgear power-on test bench has the functions of displaying, analyzing, storing, and printing the measured data, and solves the problem that the current power transformer on-load tap-changer measurement method is backward and there is no special test method. The switchgear power-on test bench can diagnose the potential failure of the on-load tap-changer in the power equipment preventive test and transformer overhaul, and it is of great significance to improve the reliability of power system operation.

As the switchgear power-on test-bed device is an accessory of the tap-changer, its status should be overhauled. In the following cases, the inspection or replacement of the filter element should be performed. Place the switchgear power-on test bench in a horizontal position and check that the pointer of the galvanometer is on the centerline. Otherwise, use a zero adjuster to adjust it to the centerline. The large current generator is a low voltage, high current dry type transformer. Applicable to frequency 50HZ switches, current transformers or other electrical equipment, up-flow and load tests. Turn the "magnification scale" to the maximum multiple and slowly turn the crankshaft of the generator while turning the "measuring dial" to point the galvanometer pointer on the centerline. When the pointer of the switchgear power-on testbench is close to balance, speed up the rotation of the generator crank to reach more than 120 revolutions per minute. At the same time, adjust the "measuring dial" so that the pointer is on the centerline. If the reading of the “measuring dial” of the switchgear power-on test bench is less than 1, the magnification shall be set to a small multiple and the “measuring dial” readjusted to obtain the correct reading. When filling in this record, A plan view of the switchgear power-on test stand should be attached, and the test points should be numbered sequentially.

Swing Bearing Also named Swing Circle, Slewing Ring, The slewing bearing of excavator realizes the rotation of the device by the action of friction and lubrication, which can drive the mechanical rotation and provide support capability in excavator.

A slewing bearing or slew[ing] ring is a rotational rolling-element bearing that typically supports a heavy but slow-turning or slow-oscillating load, often a horizontal platform such as a conventional crane, a swing yarder, or the wind-facing platform of a horizontal-axis windmill. (To "slew" means to turn without change of place.)

Swing Bearing

Swing Bearing

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